“The present government has gone totally berserk”- Full text of #YNaijaInterview with Dele Momodu

This week, media mogul and former presidential aspirant was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to join us for the YNaija Friday Twitter Interview. The Ovation boss was grilled by guest interviewer, Japheth Omojuwa (@omojuwa) and gave an insight into his thoughts on the current administration, his visions for the country,and much more. Check it out below.

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu welcome to the #YNaijaInterview . Will you contest elections in 2015? I’d prefer a Yes or No answer if possible.

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview Yes, I will contest if there’s 2015.

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu if you will contest, what do you bring to the table that is lacking in the present government? #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview The present govt has gone totally berserk with profligacy. No sane govt wastes money the way they are doing. I will stop it. I will banish corruption by taking on friends and foes the way I have always done unlike those who only take on foes! The world has moved beyond the slow-running of this govt, I will turbo-charge governance! I have the track record of building something out of nothing while this government has built nothing out of trillions! Leadership is about management of people & resources, this leadership has been in power for 13 years & nothing to show!

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu it’s been 52 years. You’ve been there, done that. What are the most important lessons learnt? #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview I’ve learnt in 52 years that life is all vanity and that a good name is better than all the riches in the world!

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu what will you say about the notion that Ovation Magazine celebrates corrupt people like it does good people? #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview It is a stale song. All mags report the good & d bad! You featured Jonathan on your cover! There’s a price you mustt pay for success! If Ovation depended on corrupt people we would have been out of business! Your magazine features the same characters, you bring Governors to your events, are you celebrating corrupt people?

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu would you step down for a candidate like Fashola who has proven himself in public service were he to contest? #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: I love Fashola, El-Rufai, Duke, Ezekwesili, Adeola, Utomi and many other great Nigerians and would join forces with them! My preference would be for us to sit at a table and form a shadow cabinet of like minds and decide the Captain instead of individual efforts! We must bury our egos and look at who the cap fits amongst us taking many factors into consideration and support whoever that is!

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu you couldn’t get 1 million votes last time. What will you do differently to get at least 22 million needed #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: @YNaija That I got votes nationwide convinced me that there are principled Nigerians and my goal should be to tell my epic story!

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu plus, how many voters know you in Hadejia, Gumel, Daura enough to vote for you in 2015? #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu  you want to join forces but how can you go to the negotiation table with your mind made up on candidacy? #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu rate this government’s performance over 100 in one year #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview 20 percent! 20% is F-

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu 20 %. you just said President Jonathan’s government has failed woefully? #YNaijaInterview

#YNaijaInterview There are a few promising guys in government, Adesina, Abdullahi, Ashiru, Ewa, Dagash, etc if allowed. Jonathan lacks the capacity to take radical decisions because he was put in power by certain interests! Jonathan is having a ball at our expense and would do nothing to ruffle the status quo.

 @YNaija: @DeleMomodu you brought the likes of @MrFixNigeria Ohimai to the fore. He thinks the PDP is a great party. You agree? #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu @MrFixNigeria #YNaijaInterview I disagree vehemently with my son’s views but he’s entitled to it!! Ohimai is a very passionate guy and one of the brightest around. I pray PDP won’t waste Ohimai’s incredible brilliance.

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu Ovation is an African pride. Why is the online version not as popular? #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview Thanks for the compliments, http://www.ovationinternational.com is extremely popular going by hits! We are working on taking http://www.ovationinternational.com a notch higher.

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu well on that Ohimai hype, beauty remains in the eye of the beholder 🙂 #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview It is no hype on Ohimai, you praise your daughter not bec you want to marry her!

@YNaija: @DeleMomodu congratulations on breaking new grounds in media and publishing. Your closing remarks #YNaijaInterview

@DeleMomodu: #YNaijaInterview Thanks for your great platform. I believe only the youths can save Nigeria if they so decide! The youths in more difficult terrains are demolishing age old superstitions, why can’t we? I think we are getting close that day when Nigerians can sing: We are free at last. God bless you all.

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