The rape case at Covenant University proves that the genesis of rape is men

Prevalence of conversation on women’s rights to equal dignity in our public discourse may make us entertain the notion that we have reached a stage where women can walk the streets without looking over their shoulders. It is understandable to think that with ‘wokeness’ comes a situation where men are becoming better beings and women can now sleep easy.

But, we are powerfully mistaken to think men have laid off longheld ideas of their superiority. The recent case of a lecturer from a Christian School – regarded high in moral standards, raping a teen student, is a jarring reminder we can do without that this is far from the truth.

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Unfortunately, we have spent so much time defining and redefining gender differences and similarities that we have now begun to forget the whole idea of humanity first.

Despite what you may hear from daytime talk shows or read in self-help books, science has roundly debunked the idea that there’s any such thing as the “female brain” or the “male brain.” Yet, men have stayed consistent with acting superior. This is the reason ‘science’ would be used to justify male superiority, saying it is much older than anything espoused by evolutionary psychologists.

Ideas that women are less psychologically stable – or “hysterical” – has been around at least since Hippocrates wrote about it in the 5th century BCE. As Freud and his contemporaries later posited, women’s biology explained their “inherent” insanity.

Men, not animals, rape women.

These ideas are what inform other men who have not yet portrayed their complexes to come out to the world. Dr Stephen Ikenna of Covenant University is just one man of many who thinks forcing himself on a 17-year-old is fulfilling.

The parents reported that their daughter called them on the phone from the school that she was invited by the lecturer to his office on the said date under the pretence that he wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for her close friend.

The police said the student, however, on getting to the lecturer’s office, was locked in the office and the lecturer forcibly had sex with her on top of the table in his office.

You could use the word “sad” a million times but will not be hitting the nail on its head.

On the flip side, it is not so much about superiority, but about entitlement. Borne out of the belief, common among men, that sex is a divine right and must be taken willingly or forcefully from women.

Men need women to shape them, to refine them, to fix their flaws and all, that’s why men marry women because women can tolerate all the bs men bring with them.

From a mfr somewhere on earth

This entitlement culture is sponsored by conversations that women are ‘weaker vessels’, love to play with the male organ and like to feign disinterest so they are pampered on an emotional level – all fired up by religion and so-called norms.

And that is it.

Adopters of the male gender make assumptions and act on them. Men redefine truths to suit their narrative and attempt to make them universal. Men hide from the truth and run away from taking responsibility for their actions. Men continue to make intentional moves to act upon assumed complexes.

We need to do better.

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