The Thread: Everday cooking, raising the boy child, and parenting

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, said Twitter is the town hall of online platforms. Arguably yes, especially with the number of conversations that go on Facebook every other day, but Twitter makes it easy to reach more people in no time. That is why just tweets become major trends and are taken to other social platforms for discussion.

On today’s episode of “What’s Happening?”, a Twitter user narrated a conversation with his colleague that bothered cooking every day – eating fresh meals, allowing the boy-child to play around while the girl-child learns to do house chores, especially cooking, good/bad parenting, marriages, and so on.

It was a thread rich in arguments and has gotten the attention it needed.

For cooking

In the thread, @i_am_eyitayo says he did not realise that there are still women who cook every day, preparing freshly made meals for their families every other day, and combine that with their 9-5.

A while ago, I was chatting with a Female Colleague at work. She mentioned that she cooks EVERYDAY. Her family doesn’t eat stale food. She has 2 kids. A 10-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. I kept thinking about what she said for sometime as I became uncomfortable.

Honestly, I didn’t think that there were still women who cook EVERYDAY. In 2022! So my brain went on overdrive. I asked her: “Have you started teaching your son to work in the kitchen?” She said: “No na. But my girl has started doing the dishes and helping when I’m cooking”

Eyitayo continues the conversation trying to find out what happens to the boy, who is three years older. His inquisitiveness betrayed all calls to ‘mind your business’. He will then go on asking.

I asked her what her son does at home. She said he is always busy with his books and sometimes, in his room. “He likes machines”, she said excitedly. I told her in clear terms that she was setting her son up to be a problem to his wife in future!

“He likes machines” will draw your attention, per ‘tech bro’, but that is not the conversation yet. Even Eyitayo ignores that and says he told her “in clear terms” that her parenting style is bad.

First, she gives him freshly made food EVERYDAY! (I don’t have much problem with that as long as she, the one making it wasn’t complaining). Secondly, she doesn’t deem it fit or necessary to involve him in the preparation of his Freshly Made Food that he has so gotten used to.

Interestingly, that is not news. Many Nigerian parents feel the man should be left out of kitchen chores because…he is a man, and he is, someday, going to get a woman, who has been lied to that the kitchen is where her ultimate job is. We should not be surprised.

Eyitayo then makes a future projection on how it may end up if the kitchen-untrained man goes to marry a woman who is not trained to cook every day, or has to cook for himself during his bachelor days.

What will happen when he gets married to a woman who was trained to cook for the week and stock up the Freezer? COMPARISON! He will grow up to not knowing what amount of work is involved in cooking EVERYDAY of one’s life. He will judge and measure his wife according to the Standards that his Mother has set because that is what he is used to. In his eyes, a woman who cannot cook EVERYDAY would be lazy and “not a good wife”. He may not even know how to cook his own freshly made meals.

He continues:

That is how chaos starts in some homes. COMPARISONS! “My Mother used to…” Sometimes, Parents in an effort to adequately care for their children unknowingly contribute to their children’s Marital Stress. They begin to reap the consequences of misguided affection from their parents. Many of the tribulations faced in marriage are the result of poor parenting and child indulgence. The boy child should be raised to do more than provide money for his family. He should be taught how to serve others around him and display kindness.

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