#YNaija2019Review: The top 10 web platforms of 2019

The online content ecosystem in Nigeria is a vast space and, depending on what these platforms are tailored to do, the glut of digital content media is still as strong as ever. From the churn, here are the top 10 web platforms of 2019.

10. Brittle Paper

Founded by Ainehi Edoro, Brittle Paper has been a trustworthy digital magazine that centers African literature. From being platform that gives writers and literary enthusiasts a window into the burgeoning space of African fiction, to organising the Brittle Paper Awards that, Brittle Paper had become an integral part part of our digital content firmament.

9. Yung Nollywood

Throughtout 2019 Yung Nollywood has blossomed into a top-tier curator of old-era Nollywood, capturing and purveying the mood and fashion of actors in the 90’s. The platform is also responsible for a handful of Nollywood memes that abound on the internet.

8. NairaLand

Despite the dominance of other content and news blog, NairaLand had remained uniquely appealing in its format and structure as an online community since 2005. It’s been a revolving door to check for news, gossips, and also where background checks on stories are made.

7. TechCabal

Created in 2013, TechCabal is a future-focused publication that speaks to African innovation and technology in depth. In addition to high quality articles, reports and expert opinions on the main website, TechCabal publishes the TC Daily newsletter, the most comprehensive roundup of technology around Africa.

6. Cinema Pointer

A large chunk of Cinema Pointer’s audience is on Instagram, and one of the hallmarks of this film review platform is that reviews aren’t sugarcoated. Ever since they landed on the film review space, Cinema Pointer’s ethos has revolved around being direct, caustic and brutal.

5. Native Mag

No other digital platform covers and promotes alternative artistes as Native Mag, rendering themselves as a pipeline between SoundCloud and mass exposure. The power of Native Mag is in their cultivated niche, and with their NativeLand concert becoming an outlet that connects readers to the brand, Native Mag has never become more established.

4. Bella Naija

At the forefront of churning entertainment and lifestyle content, Bella Naija staunchly knows its audience and what they crave for. With a new layout of its website, Bella Naija’s lifestyle verticals that comprises of cute wedding stories and fashion are still immense and trustworthy brands, and they’ve such cross-over appeal of what global trends and tics are. During the fourth season of Big Brother Naija, Bella Naija’s coverage of the show was top-notch, adroitly blogging content as daily round-ups of happenings and poached the season’s major stars – Khaffy, Tacha, for example – after the show was over to appear on their platforms for interviews.

3. Zikoko

How Zikoko made the seamless shift from being a listicle-based site to curating resonating human stories is remarkable. From the wildly appealing Naira Life series that interrogates class structures and people’s relationship with money to Sex Life, where anonymous tales of sex are told. The series debut featured a bisexual man and his bisexual awakening. This year, Zikoko launched Jollof Road, a 39-day road trip across West Africa capturing cultural experiences through the lens of youth.

2. Quoted Replies

Not technically a web platform, Quoted Replies is a Twitter-based bot that helps you find quoted replies of tweets without having to go through the hassle of copying, pasting, and searching. If you’re a regular Twitter user, you might have seen the @QuotedReplies handle under some of the most popular tweets or even used it.

Created by software developer Dara Oladosu, Quoted Replies with its own Twitter following has become a regularly-used feature on the micro-blogging platform. Furthermore, Oladosu’s brainchild has been noticed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who offered Oladosu a job to help build a native feature of Quoted Replies on Twitter.

1. Punchng.com

The online platform of Punch Newspapers still prides itself in delivering objective reporting on topical issues. Only recently, Punch was the first media platform that took a stand against the military-style rule of President Buhari, deciding that it will refer to the president as Major General, and to reflect the abuse of power that has characterised his time as leader.




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