#ZikokoBlindDate is our new guilty complicated pleasure


Is it really a surprise that many people are drawn to Zikoko’s new show ‘Blind Date‘. We love the Bachelor, we LOVE Love is Blind (with its wacky premise and crazy characters) and we even tolerate Ultimate Love. We just love love, especially when it is recorded and packaged for our consumption.

Its hard to call it a reality show. As with many shows in this romance genre format, the main meat of the show and premise around which it is built, is that two young strangers are chosen at random and paired up to go on an all-expense date to see if sparks fly. However, unlike traditional reality romance shows, there is no pay off at the end, no motivation to ensure that our couple gives us a show. We don’t even get to see the date itself, to watch with voyeuristic glee as their date either ascends into the rarefied air of a perfect first meeting or nosedive into a trainwreck of epic proportions. All we get is an introduction to our main characters and a diary session style break down of their date.

The chasm of information that we do not have forces us to extrapolate, and project our own presumptions around dating in Nigeria on to the couple and why they have failed (we are four episodes in and we still haven’t had a love match).

Here are our (ill-informed) takes on why #ZikokoBlindDate hasn’t led to love yet.

  • Our ‘dashing’ gentlemen aren’t really dashing: To be honest, so far, the pool of leading men for the four episodes of #ZikokoBlindDate have been average Joes; boring jobs, average dress sense, average at best looks.  To get a Nigerian woman to admit to falling in love with a guy on tape, he’d have to be hot enough for every woman she ever meets going forward to endorse her choice. Sorry guys.
  • Average age range skewers too young: Desperation is the spice of life, and all this 18 – 21 year olds still have time on their hands. Too much time. Enough time for them to not give us the goods. How about we put 2 40 year olds in the ring and see sparks fly.

Watch the latest episode here.

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