Here are the best Nigerian articles of the week

Each week here at YNaija, we round up the best Nigerian writing on the internet, highlighting the stories, profiles, interviews and in-depth reporting that rise above the daily churn.

Here are the ones that caught our attention:

Ghana joins push for West African currency – Oluwatosin Adeshokan 

The eight West African nations belonging to UEMO plus Ghana will be looking for ways to phase-in the Eco this year, following the historic agreement with France.

The Eco will still remain pegged to the Euro for now, but former French colonies will no longer be required to maintain 50% of their reserves in France’s treasury. Ghana, however, is urging the region to implement “a flexible exchange rate regime” as soon as possible.

Only PhD holders should use Doctor’s titleAbdulrasaq Hamzat

In recent time however, laymen had associated the doctor’s title only to medical practitioners. Apart from laymen, some doctors even feel it is unworthy for none medical practitioners to use the title. Reports of medical doctors feeling dismayed that there are so many academics these days who insist upon being addressed as “doctor,” when that title properly belongs to physicians abound.

Maritime piracy increases business cost in the gulf of Guinea – Eromo Egbejule 

In early December, the Nave Constellation supertanker was hijacked. Pirates boarded the fully loaded ship, stole its oil cargo, and kidnapped 19 members of its crew about 77 nautical miles (143km) from Bonny Island, a loading terminal in Rivers State, Nigeria.

While attacks on supertankers are rare, piracy is so common in the Gulf of Guinea that, in its July report, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) described the passage as “one of the most dangerous shipping routes in the world” and a “world piracy hotspot”.

Sex Life: Losing my legs changed my attitude towards sex – Daniel Orubo

I was about 14. The guy and I didn’t have full-on sex, but we kissed, fondled and he fingered me. It was mostly exploratory. I hadn’t seen a penis in person until that moment, so it was all very new to me. He actually did most of the touching.

I told him I was saving myself for marriage, but he still decided to try his luck. While I was getting used to all the fondling, this dude tried to put his penis in my ass. I almost let him because I didn’t want to seem too inexperienced.

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