The world is your stage

by Ayodotun Osunkojo

How many times has this been said? Too many, but have we ever stopped to think it through, maybe?  I dare say this is one of the highest truths ever. Out of life’s many realities and the  discoveries of man, this is a unique “revelation”.

What exactly does this mean anyway? I, for one, believe that everyone is a star. Everyone. Hollywood is just a place lucky enough to have the physical spotlight thrown on them. They have got the literal meaning of the stage down but every day and in every way, we, as individuals have something we have an extraordinary ability to do. Everyone is a star with his own platform. Some of us are ordinary enough to possess obvious, somewhat regular, gifts: music, acting, sports, writing etc. Others have queer ones: Talking (sorry speaking), arranging (yes, arranging), gift wrapping, fantasizing about fashion (yes, that’s a gift too), conceptualizing, beat boxing, “hyping” and many more.

So what do I do, especially if I am one of the queer ones? I find a way to channel the energies I possess constructively. I know that clubs need a hype man to get the flow of fun going, and the crowd dancing  and drinking  all  night long, so if I have the energy, why not?  Wink! You may say, well I enjoy messing with people’s hair, been playing with hair since I was three. Have you checked to see if there is anything there? Doubt my story? Look into a gifted Nigerian comedian’s bank account today. Years ago, you must have been a joker (no pun intended), if you declared you wanted to make a living out of comedy.

Some of these skills, gifts are different and you may not easily find a place to apply them, true. Worthy of note is the fact that there are various kinds of skills required in the work place and in business:

1.       The Foundation Skills are the essential ones every worker needs. They are organized into four groups: Basic reading and writing skills, People skills, Thinking skills, and Personal Qualities.

2.       Marketable Skills are those that an employer will pay you to perform which are meant to add value to his business. They include the Foundation Skills and others like accounting, consulting, strategy etc. There are some skills people would term unmarketable, which I personally feel can be channeled right. Are you an excellent swimmer? May be you wanna be a lifeguard or a tutor or enter into the Olympics.

3.       Transferable Skills: Transferable skills are ones that you can transfer from one occupation to another e.g. strategic thinking.

4.       Motivated Skills: Motivated skills are those skills that you enjoy using. This is what I’m driving at.  Many of us would be doing ourselves, our employers, the economy and the world a favour  if  we stuck to what we were good at.

I know the theory of:  “Do what you love and you will never work for a day” has been criticized. A source in Harvard Business Review recently posited that when a man does what he loves for a living, he is inordinately/emotionally attached. I agree.  Wouldn’t you rather be happy to get out of bed each day, your creative juices flowing, go to your favorite place, do your favorite (legal) and clean thing to do and get paid for it? It’s like being on a permanent vacation. That way, I think we’d have fewer mental and psychological problems in the hospitals – a pity for those who are psychiatrists, huh?

Think about it. I know I have!

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