This is not a drill, we want Cynthia Morgan back

If you have been scouring first the #CynthiaMorgan Twitter trend and then the wider internet, in hopes that the reggae dancehall queen might have dropped a fire single, you are not alone. Unfortunately there is no single, not yet anyway, and if and when she does release one, you will do well to search for it under her new stage name ‘Madrina.’

Not many fans would have admitted it then or now, but there is something addictive about Cynthia Morgan, as is evidenced by the trend of some fan waking up every so often to tweet musingly about Cynthia Morgan.

She had us hooked from the instant she came on the scene. It was not just the German Juice though that had us addicted to her brand, it was everything else. Cynthia Morgan is the synthesis of everything we have come to enjoy in our current crop of female artists, she brought the voice, the vibes, and a dollop of braggadicio that is seen in only the best acts. That she then went awol on us after dropping hits back to back, in an industry where staying relevant is dependent both on quality and consistency, is one of those rare mysteries that leaves one scratching their head, and that we still yearn for her speaks of her power.

@satrunbars had tweeted late at night on Saturday:
“I’m convinced Cynthia Morgan was either a social experiment or a figment of our imagination bc explain how a beautiful Edo woman with red hair just turns up speaking patois and giving us dancehall jams and then one day she just disappears off the face of the Earth. explain” sparking frantic tweets from fans who have had the same concern about the disappearance of their star girl, as she was called in addition to her former stage name.

This is not the first time fans have desperately wondered about the energetic singer’s sudden disappearance off the radar. In 2018, actress Adesua Etomi had posed the question “Where is Cynthia Morgan?” sparking a series of exchanges from fans about what happened to her. It appears we are finally getting some resolution.

The singer, who has rebranded under the new stage name Madrina and dropped a single in May 2018 titled Billion Dollar Woman, opened up in a recent interview about what happened.

According to her, “I had been really sick for a while and also was going through a lot of family issues.” The full interview is on YouTube and does a lot to clear the air and establish a more solid narrative. Fans of course will have their own theories.

@gifted_brain tweeted “She is undergoing serious management issues, she has been in and out of court. Wonder why she had to change her act name to Madrina?”
Another twitter user @drpeking quickly countered this

Don’t you think she would have had a social media presence if it was only record label issues?

Regardless of what might have happened, and it is easier to believe what came out of the horse’s own mouth, what remains clear is that we all want Cynthia Morgan back, whether it is as Cynthia Morgan or as Madrina.

@Paulamoney2 is right about one thing “We need to get Cynthia Morgan back on these streets”

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