This is strange! “I own Mo’ Hits and Don Jazzy is my artiste” – D’banj tells Ebony magazine

by Hauwa Gambo

We told you! Two weeks ago we shared the story about a split between Nigeria’s hottest music ‘couple’ and some you doubted it, but now it’s (well, almost) official we’d say, something is amiss in the house of Mo’ Hits between D’banj and Don Jazzy.

(See the story HERE)

But don’t take our word for it. See excerpts that we just caught from his interview with Ebony magazine below: How did you join Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label?

D’BANJ: I had a concert in Dubai and when we pulled up to the airport’s first class lounge and a hostess ran up to me with a plaque with Kanye’s face on it, asking me to sign it. I said ‘I’m not Kanye West, I’m D’banj but Kanye West is coming? All eyes open.’ Then my manager spoke to Kanye, came back and told me ‘He’ll give you five minutes.’ I walked over — as an African man I’m always prepared — and I played my music ‘Stand Out,’ ‘Fall In Love’ and ‘Scapegoat’ for him on my iPod. Before we knew it, I’d almost missed my flight and he invited me to New York.

Coming from Africa I’m my own manager, I have my own label called Mo’ Hits with my artists Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, D’Prince and K-Switch. I own Mo’ Hits and we’ve won numerous awards by the grace of God. Being with Kanye for the last eight months and me leading a successful label in Africa, I’ve learned a lot and I believe people will see what we’re going to do. I signed with Kanye in June and that same month I won the BET Award for Best International Act. My New York concert isn’t done by G.O.O.D. Music, it’s done by Live Nation, meaning I’m already a moving machine. So who better to introduce me to the global world than Kanye West, a crazy genius? What is your chemistry like in the studio with West?

D’BANJ: Kanye doesn’t try to change you. He has great ears and great people working with him. I learned the way people do music in America is different, number one, the budget. You don’t have to rush a song, you can take your time. I was glad because I have a studio in my home but I thought I was doing too much. I’ve been working with everyone else on G.O.O.D. Music too and John Legend and I worked together in London recently. It’s been great experience, I just beg people to listen with an open mind.

Well, what do you think? Don Jazzy is D’banj’s artiste? Who woulda thunk it! We though Don Jazzy was, well, the ‘don.

Earlier this week, The NET Newspapers had authored a feature exploring the rift between the partners, speaking to inside sources – and they all pointed to Dbanj’s “ego”. D’banj is presently in the United States, while Don Jazzy is putting up with Dr. Sid in Victoria Island, Lagos. Excerpt below:


The now evident cracks became obvious around the time the producer who is also the President and CEO of  Mo’Hits, bagged the Kanye West G.O.O.D Music deal which also influenced a $3m JV deal, with D’Banj as key beneficiary. The Kanye project catapulted both stars to a whole new pedestal in their careers, where they now rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in the international music scene. But the problems had emanated before then.

From then on, insiders say ‘D’banj’s ego, which was already causing tension within the label, only got bigger and harder to check’. Sources claim this new feeling of invincibility on the singer’s part began to make him question his continued association with his long-time friend and collaborator, who didn’t seem to be ‘representing’ on this new found wavelength.

The recent Occupy Nigeria protest also saw the acts take separate sides – while D’banj did little to save himself from accusations of collecting money from Goodluck Jonathan, Don Jazzy readily denounced the government and identifed with the people; saying, in what would become a famous tweet, that he ‘regrets voting for Goodluck Jonathan’


It appears D’banj, whose Don Jazzy produced 2005 ‘No Long Thing‘ album instantly brought him to the limelight, is uncomfortable with the continued delay in the release of his fourth studio album ‘Mr Endowed‘, which was initially supposed to be released late 2011.

Trusted sources allege that D’banj no longer remits payments from any shows he attends into the label’s general account. As one source puts it ‘he feels Don Jazzy isn’t putting the right kind of energy into the business right now’.

A Daily Times report claims D’banj is now represented by the label’s A&R – Oluseun ‘Bankulli’ Abisagboola while the other Mo’Hits acts, including Don Jazzy, are still being represented by long-time manager Sunday Are. All efforts to reach Bankulli proved abortive, and while Mr. Are picked up our phone calls, he didn’t answer our inquiries, neither did he reply our text messages asking the same questions. Don Jazzy had not responded to our emails as at the time of going to press.


As already reported, Don Jazzy has now chosen to stay with other artistes on his label, specifically putting up with Dr. Sid at the moment, leaving the Lekki Mansion deserted.

D’Banj, on the other hand, has been seen in the United States, and Paris recently, living it up with music heavyweights like Diddy, Swizz Beatz, Common and other stars who came to support his new boss, Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week. Those close to him also say he’s bought himself a home in Los Angeles where he now hopes to reside fully. He’s also reportedly building himself a new team – made up of trusted associates like Bankuli and a former Mtech boss who’s heading his business team.

One source told us: ‘The camp has definitely split up – D’banj and younger brother K Switch are shuttling to and fro the US and UK, while Dr SID (who’s had repeated spats with D’Banj in the past) and D’Prince have stuck with Don Jazzy. ‘Dr. SID feels indebted to Jazzy as he blew up his career‘.

If this split is true, it’s a sad development for Nigerian music. Or not?



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  1. @Victor So for your mind now, you don form Pastor. Abi which come concern Bible and "shut up". Guy, don't sell your soul to the highest is yours and you would give account of what your soul did on earth. Also, no be every good thing come from God..they only look good for a season! If DBanj and Don Jazzy were your brothers, would you actually advise them this way! Anyway, na Author dey go find trouble when e be say food still dey for beans, no be stone! If you truly dey US, you suppose know say Naija plenty for their Entertainment Industry, no be today…actors, actresses, producers, authors, musicians, singers, name it! Abi na because say Naija no dey for Wrestlemania?

  2. 1st of all,am flaming mad @ u go go down,are u God?

    Now listen evry1, ther sntin a pst. Told us one sunday,he sed d moment u enter another level.peopl wil start talking nonsense and saying u proud. A man who wants 2get rich has to talk rich,behave rich,act rich bro…

    1st dbanj is anointed,there are pple that God bless like that so even if na only 2instruments dem use produce im trak,his trak wil sell.

    To tel u the truth,na donj d split go affect if true,y?bcos he is quiet in nature but koko meister dey enter anywhere anyhow,dey raz & dis is wat music world nid…

    2ndly my broz,u wey dey talk illuminati,if any1 do smal sign,u sey illuminati read joel2:29 in ur bible and shut ur mouth up.jesus christ is a God of limitlessness so stop talking nonsense.if dbanj is pursuing his career & it hapens that e no go wel btw him & don j, wil he stop bcos don j no tag along…these tins hapen & there is solution.if its worked out fine,dbanj will be the open door to the other artistes coming over to U.S

  3. I think the whole ish is insane, I just pity Don Jazzy, well shit happens and I think this is one of 'em

  4. I think the whole is insane, I just pity Don Jazzy, well shit happens and I think this is one of 'em

  5. Talk about burning bridges.

  6. Nigerian Media…very good at making stories out of a little mishap.Am not havin none of dis till I start seein pictures n videos national tv 2 dat effect.Kaka may God hv mercy on derailed soul!

  7. All I can say is Lol @ ur attacks @ kaka and Lmao @ abonje's second comment.Gomez….lmao! Naija sha!

  8. @kaka do u really how d'banj and don jazzy got started?

    They(mostly don jazzy's opinion) left a clique called jjc adn 419 squad,it's thru this group that we got to know who d'banj is.

    Lesson………..dont put a dash between people,rather use what u've got to make them stronger.

    'bout d'banj's ego………do u know what really happened between him an ikechukwu?……don jazzy handled the issue wrong by sacking "kills" cos d'banj was the mo'hits' annointed 1.don't gat more to say.

  9. @Abonje: Choi! Dame Patience would be proud of you!

  10. I thnk ths partnershp job so why shld they brng parynershp business into hate 4 rach other so guy pls keep the gd work going and let we be proud f u guys .

  11. @kaka…that is the most dumbest prayer I have ever heared anyone said in a whole century.

  12. Is dis true or wot,if any news plz cal 08068082733

  13. If really it is true, we wil wait and see how they end up

  14. Are u guys sure?is this true.If yes too bad.what abt d video with snoop dog.

  15. I see Ilumanati! Illuminate! Ilumanati!

    Have u seen Dbanjs chain? Don Jazzy doesn't wear any so Dbanj has entered deep in the world of Kanye. Don take heart

  16. Dbanj is a traitor! #Thatsall

  17. Oh, so that's why On Jazzy has been squatting at 1004 right? Amazing!

  18. Wow! I own Mohits! #Lobatan

  19. This certainly explains a lot. Like why that kid has become a megalomaniac. SMH. Let this be marked as the day when D'banj began to go down. And amen.

  20. This is really interesting, was it just a marketing scam to make him look like d CEO of mo'hits? wish them the best in watever they are up to.

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  22. This is funny lol

  23. Abeg ,welcome development ,no more music monopoly . Lol

  24. He mentioned Don Jazzy na! He's one of his artists…lol

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