This man was arrested for throwing his wife’s panties on the road (PICTURED)

James Klutch

A man angry at his wife took her panties and threw them onto the road.

A southwestern Pennsylvania man has been jailed after he scattered what police say was his wife’spanties along Township roads after he was angry because she took out a court order of protection against him.

Court records online do not list an attorney for the 54-year-old James Klutch, of North Strabane Township.

Township Police say the woman took out the court order against her ex-husband on Tuesday and he went home anyway and hit her in the chest that night.

Police could not find Klutch to arrest him when they were called, however, before returning home sometime early Wednesday he took the underwear of his wife in his vehicle along three streets in the town about 15 miles south ofPittsburgh and tossed the panties onto the road.

Police say Klutch was arrested on Wednesday, when he was found drunk and walking to a restaurant.

He faces numerous charges including assault and violating a court order of protection.

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