This story about Tobi the sub-standard house owner will shock you

Tobi is a house owner in Nigeria. Like a few other house owners in the heart of the giant of Africa, Tobi has come into criticism for having a sub-standard building in his name. The roofing sheet seems to be posing the biggest threat of them all.

Recently, a heavy downpour resulted in leakages through the roof, destroying properties. Besides the leakages, it was discovered that his roofing sheets were not eco-friendly as they were susceptible to noise and could not even reduce solar radiation.

The final blow to this already unpleasant situation came when the heavy wind blew off the roof completely; taking Tobi back to ground zero.

These problems posed a lot of psychological trauma to Tobi, as he now has to contend with forces of nature to turn a liability to an asset.

Financial constraints proved to be Tobi’s causative factor, leading him to the use of low-quality roofing and ceiling sheets.

What should Tobi have done?

He should have made the *rite* choice by using Toprite.

Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets is the answer to tackle sub-standard building materials.

Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets, a subsisdiary of PureChem Industries Limited, is manufactured to ensure zero maintenance fees. This is a product that is eco-friendly, durable and it won’t cost you your savings.

There is absolutely no doubt that Toprite is the best roofing option in the market, it is the popular choice for industrial and commercial applications, thanks to its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and the aesthetic look it offers.

Value remains the key drive behind Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets; it is why they are manufactured using specially designed, highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art Hatschek process machines to provide sharp edged, high strength, quality roofing sheets and boards; giving no room for the littlest of piercings.

To further show that you don’t have to be like Tobi, the sub-standard house owner, Toprite offers these top-notch performances;

LIGHT WEIGHT – Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets are multiple times lighter than clay or concrete tile.

FIRE, NOISE AND WIND RESISTANCE – Our product is manufactured to serve as an excellent protection against prolonged exposure to the sun or rain. It isn’t water absorbent. It doesn’t split, break or crack either. In addition, the roofing panels are safe from exposure to airborne burning cinders.

TERMITE FREE – The quality level of Toprite fibre cement roofing and ceiling sheets, positions it as a zero option for termites and other destructive insects. Hence, longevity is assured.

Call TOPRITE 08125362926/08129998998 or send a mail to [email protected] for more enquiries.

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