Thoughtful gifts for car owners after Valentine’s Day

Was your Valentine’s day ‘surprise’ gift a brand new car? While Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year, we must keep showing love and keep the gifts rolling in. At this point, people’s thoughts usually turn to jewelry, chocolates and expensive dinners but there are other ways you can express love more practically that would be well appreciated by your beloved, especially since they are to spend a lot of time in their brand new car driving around.

While everyone loves a trendy tie, delicate chocolates or a lovely dress; finding the right gift for your car-owner partner can be a little tasking.

However there are plenty of options available and we have found 5 ideas guaranteed to make a perfect gift for your significant other.

  1. Handy Tool box

There’s nothing more annoying than having a flat tire and not having adequate tools to change it with the spare or needing to run quick maintenance on a car and lacking proper tool sets. A toolbox is always useful to keep in the trunk for those moments. Come to think of it, you are gifting your beloved some ‘peace of mind’.

  1. Cleaning Supplies

Just the same way you would choose a soothing bathing set with fancy soaps and shampoos as a love gift, you could gift exactly the same thing with car care products that help bring out the shine of his/her car. Car care kits are available at most automotive stores or you could compile one yourself with essentials like a car shampoo, car brush, microfiber cloth, car wax, Tyre foam, interior fabric or leather cleaner and windshield shade among other things. There is a certain satisfaction car owners get when they clean their ride themselves and drive around in a polished car: certainly they are ought to love you more for it.

  1. Accessories

Auto accessories can be a tricky space, but exciting, if you know the choice of your partner. Options include aftermarket infotainment system, speaker units, navigation systems, car security systems and much more. If they like working on their machine, a neatly equipped toolkit, isn’t a bad option either. You could also go for some lovely looking alloy wheels and new tyres or may be opt for a vinyl wrap, if that’s something that your partner finds exciting. Needless to say, this won’t be a surprise, but a much calculated gift and certainly the one that gets more appreciation as well from your significant other.

  1. Driving/Riding gear
    Whether your significant other is on two wheels or four, chances are they have to deal with a couple of driving/riding challenges that a few protective gears can solve. A variety of options are available, which include sunglasses, driving flats (shoes), standard helmets, jackets, riding boots to gloves and pants. Show how much you appreciate them by ensuring they come back safe after every ride.
  1. Car Insurance                           

Go beyond the tried and true chocolate or jewelry and a mushy card; contact your car insurance agent and get up to speed on the types of coverage you could gift. Really romantic, right? Well, maybe the romance is hard to see at first blush. But believe it or not, taking the time to get adequate car insurance coverage for your beloved is a very romantic act. It says “I want to protect you in the event something bad happens and I love you enough to be sure that we have what we need.”

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