The Thread: “I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual harassment allegations” | When feminism goes wrong

Teen Vogue Columnist Emily Linden, who’s also the founder of the Unslut project went on a rampage yesterday. She effectively said she did not care that innocent men suffer consequences of false sexual harassment accusations in the workplace. Twitter was stunned. The writer and activist went on to explain her reasoning, and we have to say it still doesnt make A. Lick. Of. Sense.

See below:

Emily was immediately assaulted with a barrage of criticism as people tried to make her see the error of her tweets, but she stuck to her guns. When she could no longer take the criticism, she turned her Twitter feed private.

It’s incredible that a worldy-wise, educated woman, whose Unslut project is supposed to be about gender equality, holds this sort of opinion in this day and age.

She talks about about it being okay for innocent men’s reputations to take a hit so as to undo patriarchy, but that’s just exchanging one form of oppression for another.

Two wrongs have never made a right, especially when it’s an innocent life.

Twitter told her as much:

Trump weighs in

And we have a winner!

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