TICKER: 50 things to love about religion

We often hear from commenters about what they don’t like about religion. The scandals. The extremists. The wicked leaders.

However, when we asked our community what they liked about religion, hundreds of responses revealed an enlightened group of people who have experienced spiritual life in countless positive ways.

Here is a list of everything there is to love about spiritual beliefs on earth and in Heaven.

What is it that you like about your faith? Tell us in the comments below. If you want to tell us what you dislike, go ahead. We’ll love you anyway. That’s what religion is all about. At least that’s why we love it.
1. Grace
2. Community of faith
3. No one preaches at me
4. The peace of knowing that God is ultimately in control
5. Emphasis on social justice
6. Reminds us of God’s love.
7. Love is valued as the most important goal in life
8. Jesus
9. The Beatitudes
10. Freedom to question
11. Confidence
12. Openness to ideas
13. Music
14. The beauty of the Liturgy
15. Pure transparency
16. Silence
17. Mystery
18. Gender equality
19. Eternity in Heaven
20. The communion of saints
21. The cross
22. No dogma
23. Mass
24. Hope
25. Oneness of God
26. Forgiveness
27. Hatred for none
28. Compassion
29. Inclusive
30. The Holy Spirit
31. Joy
32. Unity
33. Courage
34. Service to others
35. Encourages debate
36. Relationship with God
37. Power to change hearts
38. Transforms lives
39. Creativity of the Spirit
40. No more guilt
41. Beautiful prayers
42. Simplicity
43. Tranquility
44. The Eucharist
45. Consciousness
46. Not being forced
47. Food
48. Free wine
49. Tradition
50. Hope

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Comments (2)

  1. a good number of the above listed items are true, but some are not just as true as the others. like openness to debate, no dogma, gender equality and a few others. anyway, it's a very inspiring list.

  2. Well, most of the things written above are not true, if we are to be sincere though. Now, here are some things about religion that I don't like:

    (1). Religious ideas, laws and theories are considered immutable or unchangeable. So even when they are no longer true ( because times are changing), nobody is considered worthy to revise them. A lot of the things in religious books are outdated and therefore useless. Also, even when there are errors, nobody is considered worthy to correct them. In science however, no law is immune, there are no sacred cows. Once a theory fails to be true it is immediately discarded and a new one is put in place.

    (2). Religion serves as a cover for evil doers. Many religious people today are extremely wicked. However, they occupy key positions in their religious institutions, thereby giving them a kind of immunity against criticism. Many analysts have wondered why Nigeria is wallowing in deep corruption despite the fact that churches and mosques are flooding our streets.

    (3). Religion is very receptive to man-made doctrines because it is completely based on faith. False pastors quickly exploit this gullibility that results from too much faith to add a lot of foreign elements into the religion. They will say God said, when God has actually not said anything. Because everything is based on faith, people will believe. In science, everything has to be verified through many means before it can be accepted.

    (4). Religion has turned commercial, providing easy money for people who should otherwise be doing something else. There shouldn't be anything like "full time pastor". What they do is to simply generate ways to strip people of their hard-earned money by tailoring their sermons towards the consequences of not giving. They are quick to find Bible verses to support their irrational claim but the truth is that giving to God should have nothing to do with the pastor. Since they do no other job, they have to cling to the purses of the members directly or indirectly.

    (5). Religion has no proof for most of its claims. People just believe. Sometimes they even go against many of the things that have been verified by science and experience. That's why many people have become very skeptical these days.

    (6). To be continued

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