TICKER: Fancy a pair? These shoes have teeth for soles

These shoes bite.

A pair of black lace-up Oxfords designed by a fine art duo features soles made of teeth, dubbed the “Apex Predator Shoes” by their creators.

Fine art duo Fantich & Young list the shoes on their website with the killer description that “Apex predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain.”



And what could pair better with predator shoes than a predator suit? Connoisseurs of predator chic are in luck, as the English husband-and-wife team behind the shoes also created a work they call the “Apex Predator Suit,” a black fur jacket and pants made of human hair with glass eyes as buttons.

The suit also features its own set of teeth – which, like the ones that adorn the soles of the shoes, are made from dentures.

Artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have worked together since 2008, according to their website, which describes their pieces as addressing “parallels between social evolution and evolution in the natural world. Nature as model or nature as threat.”

They got the teeth for their artwork from China, they told the Washington Post, and the hair on the sued came from hair extensions.

“The concept of all of our work is mixing Darwin’s ideas and theories of evolution and putting them into a sort of supernatural context, which is a contradiction, but contradictions create tensions and tensions create ideas,” Young told the Post in a Skype interview this week. “It’s really like nature and super nature put together.”



As for the practicality of the shoes, the artists don’t recommend wearing them.

“I wouldn’t really want to walk on the teeth,” Fantich told the Post.

“You can walk in them if you really insist, but you might get a few fillings,” Young laughed.

The shoes are not for sale, but the artists say they are taking orders for similar pairs and would charge 1500 pounds for the style. They are also working on a design for women – “something Hillary Clinton would look good in,” Young said.

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