Today’s Noisemakers: Apostle Suleman, Usain Bolt, Jay Bowdy, 2face and others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. Sometimes, they are even just downright ridiculous. We, we make it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.

Here’s our list from today:

1. Jay Bowdy

We begin this list on a very sad note because a good actor, a black man, a father and husband took own life on Facebook live.

This just goes to show that no matter how e be like person life dey package, people might be carrying heavy burdens on the inside. So be kind.


2. Tolu Ogunlesi

The death of Jay Bowdy sparked a mini thread by Tolu Ogunlesi, one which we will do well to digest.

So be kind.


3. Nesta Carter vs Usain Bolt

More bad news on the international scene as Usain Bolt loses one of his precious Olympic gold medals because a relay teammate doped up on one of the banned substances.  See details here

Now “Eight doesn’t have the same ring – ‘double treble, plus two’.”




4. Apostle Suleman vs DSS

Over here in Nigeria, the day began with the arrest of the founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman. I apologise. It was an attempted arrest by the DSS, which was effectively truncated by none other than governor Fayose. Thank God for deliverance, yes?

Anyways, the man of the cloth released a statement soon after threatening the instability of Nigeria, should the security agencies dare jail him for even a day. Hehe. When power pass power, abi. He afterwards released another statement through the ministry’s spokesperson, clarifying the speech that got the DSS riled up for pursuit in the first place. Speaking of which, why isn’t the DSS pursuing Fulani herdsmen with the same relentlessness?



5. Daddy Freeze

Because the Chief noisemaker has to put his mouth into everything and anything of remote interest, he expressed his disappointment at the Apostle’s remarks. To be fair this rant was tame, even for for Freeze.


Dear Apostle Suleiman, I'm very disappointed in this statement! Are you now above the law? Why should you threaten the government stating that you will do what to embassies? Really??? Do you realise that this amounts to treason? Are you trying to start a war? – Like I earlier stated, I understand that you are angry and you have a right to be, However, this is not the way to go about it. I still hold you in high esteem for your spirit of giving but I must say sir, this is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! – Let's be very careful when agitating for war, because war never solves ANYTHING!!! The war in Iraq, Libya and Syria has solved NOTHING.. life was much better under Sadam and Ghadaffi than it is now. ISIS was born as a result of the war in Iraq, and millions died in the war and in the aftermath. – Let me educate those of you shouting about the war where David killed Goliath. Later on, he had to fight the giants brother and sons and up until today Goliath's people the philistines, are still bombing Israel! Can we truly say that war was won? – When Jesus was killed, NOBODY was killed in retaliation, the war was won in the spirit and the victory is everlasting! Let's be like Jesus, all he asks is for us to love one another, and yes, that includes loving our enemies. ~FRZ

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Then he took all his venom and poured it on this poor guy, who was stupid enough to challenge him

Look at this toad eating hypocrite 'minister' or whatever he calls himself, calling me stupid, because I dared condemn a 'man of God' who was inciting violence. – @Frank_cee1 I'm glad you like toad meat, because it's all you'll be eating, if this war you are praying for so earnestly, begins. I hope those of you supporting him, enjoy toad meat as much as he does, because if the war commences, it will be on your menu on Sundays, while the rest of the week you'll eat lizards and roaches. If you doubt me, ask the elders in your village who witnessed the war. Rats are the first to disappear followed by lizards, then the populations of roaches and grasshoppers would plummet. – An uncle of mine had to cover himself with rotten corpses in a field, to avoid the advancing soldiers during the Biafran war. He had to lay perfectly still despite the huge number of maggots crawling into his ears and every other orifice. The smell he said, was abhorrent, yet it was nothing compared to the maggots that nearly ate him alive! – Observe carefully those leading you to war… Many of these people have nothing to lose. You have lives, jobs, families and property to protect and a lot to live for- they don't! – Guys, approach is everything, you can't come to my page and call me stupid, then go to your own page and be eating toad and expect me to remain quiet. ~FRZ

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Now, that’s the Freeze we know.


6. Dr Joe Abah

This should actually be termed Ajaokuta protesters, but since there isn’t much information about them, Dr Joe Abah will serve.

Well, miracles can happen. Ask Fayose Apostle Suleman.

7. 2face and other music artistes

It’s raining miracles today. 2face and other music artistes which include Burna Boy and Davido have finally got their Fela on and are determined to stage a protest with the Federal Government. Recession must be hitting the music industry really hard.

Great initiative.

May tomorrow be brighter.

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