Toni Eghosa Kruz gives us 15 Nuggets to becoming better Nigerians in 2012

by Toni Eghosa Kruz

I was having a conversation during the holiday season with a friend and with a sense of exhaustion he said that Nigeria should just get better regardless of who was in power.

His speech made me think for a moment there. We have lofty expectation for our leaders as it is easy for us to criticize from afar yet we take no action of our own. We prefer living the vacuum life than doing something worthwhile.

This year I’m suggesting we strive to become better citizens as we uphold our Nations’ Unity.

Here are 15 apt Ways to do so:

1) By serving| There is no better gift than that of a selfless service. The practice of ‘servant leadership’ is deliberate and meticulous but the reward is great.

2) Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No’ | Say what you mean and stick to it. Be honest with others and don’t make promises you can’t keep. Our Leaders in Nigeria didn’t start stealing when they got into office, it began long before that. Build yourself.

3) Give Freely | No matter how bad things are for you this year, I can guarantee its worse for someone out there. Giving opens doors hitherto closed.

4) Get engaged in the election process | Run for office or support a candidate with action and credibility. Protest peacefully if need be. It is easy to complain about the process but much harder to do something about it.

5) Debate with facts not insults | By way of insults or derogatory remarks, you’ve lost any argument. Turn a new leaf this year by using facts. This majorly goes out to fellow #OccupyNigeria dissenters.

Learn the art of persuasion through valid arguments. Don’t condemn.

6) Constructive Criticism |Make sure your criticism leaves the other party with something positive to aim and looking forward to.

7) The Golden Rule | Follow the Golden rule. Ask yourself if you want to be treated the way you treat others. Do something to change this if ‘No’.

8) Practice what you preach | The ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ philosophy does not function anymore. Easier said than done they say but it’s worth it. Practice what you profess.

9) Avoid mediocrity | Humble yourself more this year. Be the best at whatever you do as a Proud Nigerian citizen.

10) Demand Excellence | If you demand excellence more, then you’ve removed life’s fears. Struggle to be better than yesterday as a Nigerian.

11) Relate with your kids more | Kids are thinkers and would want to share with you. Give them the opening. They could solve unresolved Nigerian cases for us.

12) Lead | Never be a sheep in your community. A time to act should be your time! Decision making should not scare you. Transformer, fixing, vigilante, community engagements and all. Be a Leader.

13) Encourage Someone | Till date, I’ve never found more kindness than kind words. Genuine kindness leaves a lasting impression. Give this.

14) Be an Agent for Change | Change is constant. Facilitate change and be open to it.

15) Admit failings | We all have them and cannot learn from them by acting as if they don’t exist. You won’t win every argument so it’s best you give in to some.

The beautiful intelligent and legal Nigerian is what we all could be this year!. These tips may not be encompassing but it is a step in the right direction. You can follow me @Eghosakruz on twitter to share ideas on our country.


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