12 suspects arrested in connection with killing of 4 UNIPORT students

by Isi Esene

There are reports that twelve people have been arrested in the Aluu Community where four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were on Friday killed. The students names were given as Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka.

The four students were killed by a mob for allegedly stealing a laptop and high-end smartphones.

The police had earlier promised to arrest the perpetrators of the crime urging the youth of the university community not to take laws into their hands.

The Rivers State commissioner for Information, Ibim Semenitari tweeted at 4.22pm today from her  handle (@ibimtoby) “PH government is outraged. The Governor has ordered investigations and already some arrests have been made.”

The Rivers Police Public Relations officer (PPRO), Ben Ugwuegbulam, a deputy superintendent of Police (DSP), in a telephone interview confirmed that four persons were killed on Friday at Aluu for allegedly  stealing, but could not ascertain if the victims were students of UNIPORT or not.

We shall continue to update you with details as they come in.

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  1. Na wah oh.I belive our great nija student,dat village go hear watin go happen later.

  2. all d arrested culprits that match the pix in the said video must be paraded naked all through ph n its environs bitten with stick and then set ablaze as they did to the four uniport students

  3. It is very pathetic,these innocent boys were killed by ruthless and satanic villages. What just happened at Allu village is a daily occurrences in our different communities. This incidence became a national issue because it was videoed. Thank God for an improved technology, but those who videoed the wicked killings did not try enough.They ought have alerted the police or stand up in one accord against this action. I weep for Nigeria.When will these innocent killings end. Chief Bola Ige was Murdered in a cold blood in his own house, a serving Minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria and up-til now Nigerian have not been of told what happened by the Nigerian police. So many killings like that.

    The presidency is per-occupied with the promotion of our security members staff unmerited. On what basis is the president promoting them? For their performances or for failing the state- Nigeria? It is a very big shame.The next thing we would hear will be government`s token compensation. We don`t value lives. May God grant us all the fortitude to bear these looses- Especially the immediate families.

  4. Those people in that community should count them self lucky cos of non of those guys happen to be my family or brother its one middle of night that I will distroy the whole community God is my witness for which rubbish and wicked people they don't fight our leaders that steal our millions and safe it abroad my prayer is everyone involve should die and the sprirt of those boys should you fight them

  5. whichever way we look at, this is pure frustration plus poverty steaming out of those angry mob. I cant just fanthom what could overcome those guys to carry out such dastardly act……Gosh that is satanic!

    1. It's very disturbing for humans to still behave like barbarians,taking laws into their hands….our country's law enforcement response system is dead..I mean this happened in a city,broadday light for several minutes or hours while this zombies in human form were maiming and barbecuing their fellow humans for whatsoever crime…naija system sucks!

  6. Very barbaric act. Not even contemplated in the medieval times when men were animals. The only solace one can get from these act(s) is that the four boys who were killed were really lucky in death. Assuming the story is true – from thieves destined to make hell their sins have been transferred to those cold blooded killers who took justice into their hands and definitely unless the gods are appeased the land where they were murdered.

  7. If u kill by d sword u will die by d sword. Those boys must be killed the same way they killed those students. Let the government use this people to set example for any other person who take laws into their hands.no matter the offence they commited, they don't deserve to die that way.

  8. This is toTal madness! This is man inhumanity to man.for taking laws into their hands, them too should be killed as well. It was even confermed that they actually stole those mentioned items. May their gentle soul rest in the bossom of the creator. Amen.

  9. I hope its the real perpetrators that were apprehended and not just innocent people just to make it look like they are doing there job right.

  10. Those guys have to be killed as well. They should also have a taste of how it feels to cross over.

  11. Everyone in that ALLU community should be apprehended, prosecuted and executed for allowing such barbaric event take place in their area without them alerting the police. The entire community should be wiped out for they are all devilish.

  12. Four lives just for a laptop and iphones!!! Incredible. They killers should all be castrated.

  13. Let them be arrested nd face the law" haba this students ar not armed nd did not kill any body why killing the young boys in such a babaric way very inhuman " heartless people, what of the oil theives the pen theives .

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