Twitter and BB Round-up

by Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]

MONDAY: “I hate Mondays but life goes on,” @saucekibaba tweeted. Yes it does. And other tweeples were busy setting their targets. “Everyday I get up and look through the Forbes list of richest ppl in the world, if I’m not there, I go to work!” @ivorymalinov said in her tweet. Tuface might not feature in that list yet, but without argument, he is one of the biggest artistes on this side of the universe. His ground breaking concert happened over the weekend and Twitter never stopped buzzing with eulogies for him. “How does someone b so deep and catchy with his lyrics?” @mi_abaga asked. “I mean he must av a pure soul! The concert yesterday? Damn!” @olamideadedeji was clearly a bit envious in. “No man should have all dat crowd!” And those who missed out expressed their sadness. @firstladyspeaks was one of such. “Fresh hustle week and I’m almost done whining abt missin d Tuface concert,” she tweeted. “So pls bear wit me if I sporadically fall back into it.” There were those who were falling back to old ways though. “Call me or send a text or e-mail ppl,” @rhecks announced. “I am soon to be bbm free. Let’s take it back to the old skool.” Most bbm folks didn’t seem to have the old school as an option. They were even becoming better and ‘newer school’ as @yoitsbeazy noted. “Do babes practice their pouts? I ask cos dis babe on my bbm seems to b getting beta at it by d day. More grease I say! Hard work pays!”

TUESDAY: @rogbaceo knows a thing about that. “Early morning meetings and strategy sessions.. @mocheddah’s franchise celebrity album drops soon. D revolutn has begun..” His tweet read. The ever roaming Denrele Edun was also making plans. He tweets with the handle @punjahpunjee. “Gearing up for my Malaysia trip. 9ice, Nigga Raw and my mad self.. We’re gonna wreck some never-been-felt chaos!” There was already chaos in @medianemesis’ office. “Mad day at work already. Blocked filters, broken down mixers and d freight elevator is derailed. Thank goodness for twitter!” She tweeted. Even on twitter, there was chaos after news broke out that fifteen school children were kidnapped in Aba. “Who has bewitched d once treasured ‘God’s own state’?” @brightidika asked. “It has now turned to a den of kidnappers”. There were lots of opinions and reactions on twitter, as it was only 48 hours to Independence Day.

WEDNESDAY: @blazeotokpa challenged all who were ranting about the state of the nation. “All the ppl on my timeline saying Nigeria is bad and all dat, what av we done to try and make it better?” he questioned. At least the man at the top was apparently making some efforts. @234NEXT reported that “Jonathan orders security agencies to find kidnapped children”. And it seemed the populace left the issues weighing down the country to him and went about their businesses. @gtdaguitarman said in his tweet: “I am having some ‘quick me time’.. Fried rice, plantain, salad, shredded beef, chicken plus berry blast.. I hope I don’t sleep at d rehearsals today…” @abatoza was not even leaving his house. “I think I shall stay in my room all day,” he tweeted. “Nothing to look forward to outside”. @BankyW who was out was having a frustrating day in the legendary Lagos traffic tweeted: “I wanna give an encouraging shout out to everyone that holds down a 8 to 5 job in Lagos,” he said. “Sitting in this kind of traffic is hard!”

THURSDAY: It was the scorching sun that was @rheck’s annoyance. “Dis is a special kind of heat that has been sent to burn me today.” She tweeted. “Alas, no sunblock. I hope it rains soon.” Friday is Independence Day and the fever is fast catching on with numerous shows and events lined up. But two frontline artistes announce through twitter that they have cancelled the shows they had for the day. @mi_abaga was first to go. “I will not be at GET Arena.” He simply said. “I will not be in Manchester as previously promoted,” @eldeethedon also informed his followers. “The ‘Is it your money’ UK tour date for October 1st has been cancelled. Sorry guys…” @da_weirdmc01 on her part went down memory lane. “Going down memory lane I remember bread ibeji, leventis, bata, lennard, Chinese sneakers, chicken george, planta margarine, elephant detergent, pinto, lace ups….” @walegates posted a rather funny tweet: “If I die before I wake, I pray d lord will clear browsing history, DM and bbm.

FRIDAY: And it was the bbm folks’ broadcast messages as early as 12.01am that ushered in Nigeria’s 50th Independence Anniversary. Tweeps followed quickly. “My great country is 50. I am so happy and also celebrating wit happy ppl! Pop something!” @ tegamohits tweeted. “Good morning Lagos,” @tundefashola greeted. “Happy birthday Nigeria!” @onomemusic who is in the US grabbed the opportunity to pledge allegiance to his country. “Happy 50th anniversary Nigeria! I be Naija man forever!” Another tweep @itsjustayo who was out of the country was nostalgic in a comical way. “Dat country gave me everything. Mosquitoes, NEPA, fetching water, trekking, playing soccer on the street, drinking alcohol at 15, driving at 16.. it made me a crook! I love Naija sha!” The love was everywhere including the airports. “I’m at MMA2 and many peeps are in green and white costumes,” @kunlebello tweeted. “Happy birthday to us ojare!” News then broke about the kidnapped school children’s release. “Woahh, now I can celebrate and fly the waving flag,” @mbachujuliet said. “The kidnapped children av bn freed. Ahh, they heard my tweet earlier and knew I was charged to descend on them!” @ebuka was having a laugh at other school children who were doing the Independence Day parade. He tweeted: “Seriously tho, some schls need to put a little more effort into their schl uniforms. Awon LASTMA and KAI all over d place in d name of students..” Sad news then broke out on twitter again. There were reports of a bomb blast in Abuja close to the Eagle Square where the celebrations were taking place. It left some people dead and others injured. @walegates, as witty as usual saw the funny side to it. “Can we say some ppl went to d Independence party ‘dressed to kill’?”

Well, @walegates, I don’t know about that. Investigations are still going on and maybe next week we will know better!

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  1. I'm linking this webpage from my private weblog . this has all the usefull info necessary.

  2. Your tatafoo thing still runs in your blood anyway.sometimes i wonder why you no go study English instead of the Engineering wey you study.
    Ifreke that our English teacher then for JSS 3 really impact this into you wella.
    Well keep it up…………

  3. Great stuff Ifreke!! Keep the news coming 😀

  4. one more thing.. most of dis tweets are from celebrities hmnnnnn!!!! i hope it not wat not im pondering dat u r pondering tooo *winks* if u know wat i mean

  5. Ifreke i wonder how u package all of this tweets …. very funny….. lets see wat dis week brings and we tweet… lol… see you on ma timeline…

  6. I must say this is a good write up… It got me engaged throughout the reading of it. Ifreke,.. I salute you for a good usage of your English and the words. Like the other said…Another perfect piece of art by @ifreke. Jah bless.

  7. .>>>> YNaija toh bad.

  8. Great job dude with this write up. i shouldn't bother to follow anyone on twitter, i 'll just come here and read all that has been tweeted. u are going international very soon!

  9. anoda perfect work of art by @ifreke lol

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