Twitter Personality: Francis ‘Kaphone’ Oluwatobi

by Ifreke Inyang

Francis Oluwatobi is more popular among friends and on twitter as KapHone. He admires his own crazy sense of humor and says ‘he should be expected on the comedy scene anytime soon’. Whilst he nurses that dream, he is already a comedian under the group – ‘African Comedians’ based in Baltimore, while he works towards a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy in the US. He is a member of the Knockout Recording Group based in the States and an active member of The Conglomerates. He took some time out to talk about twitter.

How did you get on twitter?

I got on twitter around April 2009 precisely.But I wasn’t using it because I did not understand the whole twitter thing and what it was all about. So I just opened it and was just still ‘facebooking’. Then around June 2009, a friend @iamkanmi advised me to join twitter again and as at that point, Facebook was getting wack. So I was like okay, let me even see what he twitter buzz is all about. On June 29, 2009, I started tweeting! (Thanks to UberSocial for the date, lol).

Who would you say is your favourite tweep?

Oh wow! This is a hard one. I have a lot of favourite tweeps on twitter. I could keep going on and on with it but I would choose @iamkanmi. We are close buddies and when he tweets sometimes, I know what brought up that tweet especially if it is something we discussed earlier. So yeah, he has been my favourite tweep since I joined twitter. Plus he is a very funny guy and he’s ctually a Comedian too so you guys need to watch out for him.

Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.

My favourite tweet was during the Jos Crisis.I actually didn’t tweet it, but a friend @kennaGq did and It has been my favourite tweet since. It said: “Now you are getting Gucci shoes at 50% off. You say you are Nigerian but you won’t remember the guy who got his legs blown off in Jos (RIP)”. I love this tweet. It still rings in my head till today. Also, there’s mine that went thus: “I unite white and black chics on my bed. My prick says no to racism.” (Sorry about being nasty though).

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on twitter? If yes, what happened?

Embarrassing Moment? I don’t really think so, because first of all, I don’t pick on tweeps on twitter and I block instead of twitfighting. So I don’t see how that is going to happen. But when I make a grammatical error and everybody is like #GBAGAUN! #GBAGAUN! That stuff embarrasses me.

What are the downsides of being on twitter?

The fact that it takes too much of my productive time. Don’t get me wrong, I am very good at managing time and doing what I’m supposed to do, but twitter can be very distracting, and before you know it you it’s like damn! I have been tweeting for hours!!! It can be time consuming.

What are the upsides?

I think twitter has done a great job by making networking and interacting with people all around the world possible. You make new friends and get updated about the latest news very quickly. The jokes… Holy Moses! I love twitter for that. I have met a lot of funny tweeps on there like @tufab @lexxistalking @kidkonnect @drewbaba @iamkanmi @ifreke @hugoverified @djblakito @splashjosh @baboloriokobb @speakyourmind and many more. If you are not following them, you on a long thing honestly. Twitter also brings you close to your favorite celebrities actually and I love that. Plus, you can also diss them too…Nice!

What three words describes your twitter persona?

Funny, Random and Annoying.

Do you follow back readily? Why?

Sure! My followers know this. Follow me, tweet at me and I revenge. #Simple

Most tweeps say you are troublesome and controversial. What do you have to say about that?

Troublesome and Controversial?? I don’t really have much to say about that, but I just try to have fun on twitter. I stay positive there and make positive sense with my tweet even though sometimes am not always on point but I am not doing bad 🙂 and (Ha Yam not troublesome and controversial).

What would possibly make you close your twitter account?

I actually don’t think I would want to close my twitter account for any reason right now. But anything can happen at any time so you can’t say. If twitter is shutting down, guess what followers? See you guys on Facebook. Lol!

Twitter stats as at 17th May, 2011:

Handle: @OfficialKaphone




Favourite tweets:28

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  1. i have met him a few times. he is funny & i'm glad he is on here 🙂

  2. Wow… so #OnPoint and very funny, definitely Kaphone has a 'crazy sense of humor'

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