Twitter Personality: Lynxxx

by Ifreke Inyang [@ifreke]


Our newest YNaija Twitter Personality is Chukie Edozien. If that doesn’t ring a bell, I bet the name Lynxxx does. He’s the utunu crooner who coined the term ‘jollof music’, CEO of Syndik8 records and the owner of the Syndik8 studios. About 10 years ago, Lynxxx started writing rap and hit the studio for the first time. While at Kings College, Lagos, he wasn’t ready to pursue a music career, so he kept at writing, graphics and web designing. He and his partner, Ikon then started a company that specialized in branding and a little bit of advertising. Ikon’s first major production was ‘No Long Thing’ for Dr Sid featuring D’Banj in 2004. After living in England for most of the 2000s Lynxxx returned to Nigeria in 2009, released ‘Change Your Parade’, and the rest is history.

‘What’s twitter been like?’ we asked. He answers our usual questions:


How did you get on twitter?

A couple of years ago, a friend invited me to join twitter, so I decided to give it a shot! It took a while to get the hang of it but loving it now! 😀


Who would you say is your favourite tweep?

This is a tough one! I don’t think I have a favorite because I like different tweeples for different reasons. I like @revrunwisdom because his tweets make you reflect and think.  And the funniest thing is he follows ‘0’ people.


Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.

Oh yeah! A couple of nights ago, I got a mention saying “there is a rumor that Lynxxx is gay and he has a tape circulating on the internet with another guy”. At that point, I think I concluded that I had heard it all!


Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on twitter? If yes, what happened?

Nothing too serious, just the regular ‘GBAGAUNS’!


What are the downsides of being on twitter?

As an artist, you have to overlook a lot of things especially those silly rude people who lack morals. Sometimes, people tweet some very rude things and still have the guts to ‘@’ you and sometimes it could piss you off but being a public figure, you have to overlook it.


What are the upsides?

The twitter platform is a very good place to reach millions of people in a single click! For someone in my profession, it saves a lot of money and helps me reach out to my followers and supporters with news regarding the music, new releases, shows etc. And most importantly, I can maintain a one on one relationship with my supporters and nothing compares to that.


Has twitter gotten you more fans/friends?

Definitely, no questions asked. Most times it is better when the fans can relate to the person behind the music. When they can judge an artist by his personality, I feel it bridges the gap between the artist and the music.


Many tweeps say you have a controversial persona on twitter. Is this true?

Lol! I speak my mind. I sometimes say random things. I joke a lot and sometimes if you rub me the wrong way, I’ll let you have it, so it could be true!


Describe your twitter persona in three words.

Funny, real & personal.


Do you follow back readily? Why?

I try my best to follow as much as I can. But to be realistic, you can’t follow everyone! Sometimes people just tweet you saying “follow back” like it’s an order! Those people more often than not ‘jonez”! I follow those who make an effort to keep a conversation going. I appreciate those folks.


What would possibly make you close your twitter account?

When twitter loses its ‘mojo’ like other social networks in the past (I’ll say no names!)


Twitter Stats (As at 7.45pm, 9th June)

Handle: @Chukie_lynxxx

Followers: 7,241

Following: 492

Tweets: 6,788

Favourite tweets: 76

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  1. yea .. i like lynxxx but he does not tweet too much .. btw im ff him n hes not ff me back … 🙂

  2. I hope he aint no Twitter Musician too 🙂 Of course not.

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