Twittrends: 10 Ridiculous ‘#Dearfuturekids’ tweets

by Ore Fakorede

The ’#DearFutureKid’ hashtag trended globally on Twitter for almost a week, and just in case you weren’t following, here’s a list of the most hilarious tweets spawned by the trend. Try to contain yourself.

1. @attaswitch: #dearfuturekid you will learn kung fu, karate. play 4 isntruments, speak 4 languages, play 3 sports and address me as ur lordship.#thatisall

2.  @dopeboifresh111: #DearFutureKid if u com out wit an unbelievable head u will be beheaded in d hospital! Be WARNED!”

3. @DharkDare: “ #DearFutureKid If u cry too much for midnight, I wii donate you to charity.”

4. @Beejayz74: #dearfuturekid I’d rather kill you myself than to see you grow up & become someone like @odinabarbie

5. @kunlexy301: #dearfuturekid feel free to hike d price of ur textbooks and manuals coz i did d same to ur grandpa”

6. @DondeonBeke: #DearFutureKid if i hear say Woman break your heart, you come do anything foolish like beg her, i disown you!!!”

7. @Miz_Sleem: #DearFutureKid God won’t let u Axe ur Mummy”

8. @johnero: #DearFutureKid I lost my virginity at the age of 14,i’m expecting u to do the same..”

9. @IAmWhorl3y: #DearFutureKid There z nuffin like a Tooth Fairy..if u put ur Tooth under Pillow..u haf carry last oo..cus u wnt see 1kobo”

10. @WaleGafar: “U Are Doin #DearFutureKid.. When Ur Womb Haff Spoil!”

Yeah, we feel the same way too!

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  1. Nice,bt 10 is too short for a TT dt trended world wide, u killed d fun jor, d odinabarbie was harsh o. Nice 1 tho

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