Vote for April’s Twitter Personality!

by Ifreke Inyang

The month of April has quickly breezed past and we are already in May. This month, the Twitter Personality series continues, with @Jamilah11 as first Twitter personality to be featured. However we are not done just yet with those who we featured last month.

In the month of April alone, we profiled more than seven Twitter personalities, and they’ve let us into their individual experiences on the social networking site. We’ve had @Tufab, @Ebuka, @exschoolnerd, @MrO_Onome, @DemiladeR, @GbagaunDetector @eldeethedon, @colinudoh and @deehumorous, and out of all these people, we will be selecting one winner. He/She will be crowned the Twitter Personality for April!

Do not forget that we will also do the same in May and then in June. The three winners will compete for the coveted title of the YNaija Twitter Personality who will be hosted at our first Twitter Personality Party in the second week of July. It’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun – an evening of fine entertainment and great company, where for once, we escape the comforts of our homes and offices and make Twitter real.

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This poll closes on Monday, 30th May, 2011. The winner will be announced and then, the poll for May Twitter Personality will open up. Follow @YNaija on Twitter and stay glued to for updates.

Comments (38)

  1. Even as much as I am one of @eldeethedon's biggest fans(got all his CDs) I think @gbagaundetector deserves it! Eldee is made, we can encourage the guy!

  2. gbagaundetector ….my nigga is gettin dis

  3. eLDee all the way bay-bay!

  4. 4 personality is gbagaunDetector! sure!!
    gbagaunDetector all the way joo!!!

  5. Give it up for eLDee Tha Don'!!it's al about personality and not how funny you are they say….dat gbagaun guy is humorous bur hez way anonymous!….#TeameLDee..leggoo

  6. gbagaunDetector na u ooooooooo

  7. Well, when it comes to personality, it should be @gbagaunDetector. Buh since the dude's anonymous; hw can that happen? Unless he doesn't want to reveal his identity. Tha dude has ma vote sha.

  8. Standup for d don,eLDee

  9. i love Gbagaundetector the guy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  10. vote 4 eldee, he deserve it, he does nt even embarrass tweeps #teameldee pless ya hand

  11. Gbagaundetector all ϑ way… Ride on bro

  12. As for ♍ε̲̣ I cast mai vote for eldeethedon for life!!!!top up for U̶̲̥̅̊

  13. It is sooooooo @gbagaun_detector!!!!!!!!!!!! That dude makes my day anytime!
    April twitter personality is so so gbagaun detector.

  14. Even though he broke up wiv me or shld I say 'dumped' its still gbagaundetector

      1. abi help me ask her oo

  15. @eLDeethedon all the waaaayyyyy!!! Un-masking GbagaunDetector kills d whole Fun, so Eldee!!!

  16. Y on earth shld gbagaun detector win?.leave d dude to b anonymous..#teamelDeethedon

  17. CORRECTION: Listing the anon twitter handle on a supposed credible poll is making a ridicule (out) of your good intentions.

  18. Listing the anon twitter handle on a supposed credible poll is making a ridicule of the your good intentions.

    Poooof the @GbagaunDetector off the poll or it'll still remain a joke….as it is right now.

  19. As for me and my friends…tufab got our votes…#teamtufab

  20. As for me aπδ my family its Tufab all τ̲̅ђe way! Instead of Voting for people that Θσπ† even know me aπδ δσ πσ† ƒΘιιΘω back on twitter! So #TEAMTUFAB #TEAMTUFAB

  21. GbaGaunDetector
    twitter personality 4 sure!!!

  22. @elDeethedon no doubt baby..

  23. GbaGaunDetector all d wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    d best!!!

  24. Oluwagbagaun Baba Aja for April 2011

  25. Eldee must win o! Vote Eldee for Twitter Personality, we love him!

  26. Gbaqaun Detector ..i hail..!

  27. Gbagaundetector z surely April's twitter personality

    1. Mscheew. can gbagaun detector even attend dis twitter party, i thot he ws supposd to b anonymous. Abeg let a REAL person win jor. ynaija when do i get my invite ?

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