What we gathered from the Solomon and the rape accusations trend on Twitter

Solomon and Nnamdi

Nigeria Twitter has for a while now been drawing attention on rape and sexual abuse experienced by people as more and more people are finally finding the courage to come out and speak about their abuse as they also mention their abusers in the conversation.

Of these cases, most of the survivors are women, but things took a huge turn when Nnamdi came out and accused another man, Solomon of sexually abusing him in a series of tweets he shared which has caught the attention of many on the streets of Nigeria Twitter.

Solomon is a well known Instagram and Twitter influencer, and he has also championed the ‘No Means No’ campaign that creates awareness for men against rape. However, it was a classic case of ‘pot calling kettle black’ according to Nnamdi who accused Solomon for rape.

However, it is not only Nnamdi that is dragging Solomon for rape as another of their friend was also in on the accusation. Now, on Twitter, Solomon has won the hearts of many who expressed their disappointment over the issue. Some Twitter users were of the opinion that Solomon had been very insensitive to even make a pass towards a man that identified as a straight man – because, according to Nnamdi, he is a straight man.

Some Twitter users were mostly focused on the fact that the news of Solomon’s sexuality is breaking out this way more than they were concerned that a man had molested another man. Theses ones were also reminded that the issue should not be about his sexuality but the fact that he had molested and abused other men, and even men who identified as straight men.

While a few Twitter users were of the opinion that an incident like that never occurred and members of the LGBTQI+ community in Nigeria are just looking to trend and shift the focus of rape on just women towards themselves, others are of the opinion that the accusers just want to defame Solomon over some personal issues.

Solomon himself is yet to react to these accusations against him and while some Twitter users have identified with him and other have bashed him for the alleged molestation and also taken a swipe at the LGBTQI+ community, a few numbers of people found this trend to be just another trend that has been started to get the attention of Twitter users to those involved in the story.


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  1. this isn’t right at all I feel this is all just a way to tell the public he is gay and that’s not what we are talking about here….. I mean Nnamdi basically said Solomon asked to sleep with him not that he molested him….He doesn’t even know what he is saying sef

  2. All this Twitter people are very funny sa!

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