Who needs diamonds and pearls? Goldie is in the house!

by Jola Daisy

Goldie Harvey is no doubt a force in Nigerian music. The sexy, blonde-haired songstress hit the music scene a while ago with a sultry voice and steamy videos to boot. In this exclusive interview the diva shows a softer side as speaks on success, inspiration and childhood dreams.

What were your childhood ambitions?

To be happy. It was that simple. I wanted to always have a smile that comes from my belly. I wanted a word for someone from my heart. I wanted to live an ideal life that just meant finding happiness.

How well have you fared with that ambition?

So far so good. I do smile a lot and I do speak from my heart but as an adult, there are other ambitions that crop up which is a far cry from what you desired as a child. Now I want to be successful in whatever I do, I want to achieve beyond expectation, I want to be relevant and so on. Adulthood is a lot of hard work whether you are working hard or not; being a lazy adult also demands a lot of work – to remain idle is hard work and doing nothing also has it rewards; just not the kind of reward I want, so I work hard at being relevant and inspiring.

What was the inspiration behind the song: ‘Don’t Touch my Body’?

I’d wanted to express a certain part of womanhood when you just want to be left alone. Even when you love someone, you want your ‘me time’ when you can relax and get fired up again. It’s a feel good song, something to make people smile and dance. When a girl is in a club it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a guy to dance with or buy her drinks. So don’t touch my body when you see me looking fly. Lol!

It’s been on the MTN and Soundcity charts for weeks!

Yes, and it makes me so happy, knowing that people recognise and appreciate what I do.

Your style is another topic. What inspires what you wear?

My state of mind. I am usually cheerful so I work with a lot of bright colours – purple, gold, orange, pink. My world is a sunny one!

What do you see in the future?

Ah! The future is here. We are building it one brick after another. Soon, I can stand back and be content with my own contribution. It’s a future that is worth looking forward to.

You won best female hip hop artiste at the City people awards recently?

It feels wonderful. Especially for all the great support you receive when you work hard at something. It’s been a fun-ride so far in the industry, I am grateful for the critics, for the assistance, and mostly for the love. I wouldn’t say I’ve been wholly appreciated, but for every new fan and for every kind word, and even for every well-meaning criticism I try to embrace, learn from them and grow. The joy is that when you do grow, people take note and acknowledge your effort. I am soaring in my spirit! There’s more to expect from my world!

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  1. AFAIC that's the best awnesr so far!

  2. The forum is a brighter place thakns to your posts. Thanks!

  3. that was good

  4. QueenG is one person every female upcoming artiste should look up to….more grease 2 ur elbow!

  5. Goldie is doing quite well. There's a lot of dedication and hardwork. you can tell she'll go places.

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