‘Women are allowed to abort children conceived through rape,’ says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (READ)

by Oge Okonkwochris

I’m sure a lot of people will not agree with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s latest sermon concerning abortion.

During the Christ Embassy’s communion service yesterday, Pastor Oyakhilome answered the question: ‘Can a baby that is a product of rape be aborted?’

In his response, Oyakhilome said that no child should be brought into the world “by force” and it is the woman’s choice whether to keep the pregnancy or not.

See his comment below:


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  1. It is true that the bible did not specify whether to keep a child born as a result of rape or not, we know for sure that God does not permit murder. Come to think of it, jabez was called a child of sorrow by his mother(we don't know the circumstance surrounding his birth, it could be something similar to rape or even worse), yet she kept him. It doesn't matter the situation surrounding a child's birth, it is still an heritage of God.

  2. It is true that the bible never said a woman should keep a child conceived from a rape. But which part of the bible gave a condition for killing an innocent soul?I beg to disagree pastor. And I must say the pregnancy happened because God allowed it. Nobody is an accident.

  3. Pastor,hw tru is dis message? Am afrade if this is wat a big pastor like is preaching. GOD have mercy!

  4. God never permitted man to take another's life. A formed man in the womb is already living, and weda conceived through rape, prostitution, fornication; you must know that all life is precious to God. And no murderer or supporter of murder would make it to the kingdom of God. God never gave any condition by which sin is accepted by Him. Be guided.

  5. @ kingsley….. may it not happen to anyone close to u IJN. for instance a mad man rapes sm1 close to u and she gets pregnant, will u ask her to keep the baby?

  6. Remember dat d bible says dat thou shalt not kill aborting is anoda way of killing beta think twice……………..

  7. I agree with pastor Chris on dis! Rape is a satanic act from d pit of hell!

  8. Pregnancy via Rape is not a valid means of conception. If that is so, then that is what it is. It is not God's idea of conception. It is a product of devilish thinking and plain evil and cannot and should not receive any form of legitimacy.

    Why should a lady be forced to keep the product of her pain and forever live with a reminder of such evil violation of her person?

    She should be left with the last choice of deciding whether or not to keep it and whatever her decision turns out to be, society must honour it.

  9. l completly disagree . Human being is a humanbeing through whatever means . we should remenber that abortion is committing indirect murther.

  10. I'm in complete agreement. This is about the only situation I think having an abortion is okay…especially in the very few days or weeks after the unfortunate incident.

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