The YNaija Ranking: Urban 96.5 is Number 1 on our Top 10 Radio Station Ranking

The official Media Ratings haven’t come in, but the social media feedback and our un-official Uber-driver poll makes it clear Urban FM is the leader in the radio category.

It is closely followed by Wazobia FM, which has the benefit of multi-year research solidifying its leadership. It continues to be the mass market delight, and advertisers favourite to boot.

Beat FM maintains its position in the Top 3 because of the power of its sterling brand, its glistening OAPs and its ability still to drive the conversation, especially from radio-to-online.

The oft-overlooked Bond FM holds firm on Number 7 because of its breadth of viewership, especially down-market. The numbers clearly favour Bond FM as they do Number 4 Top Radio.

It’s a steep fall from the once-leader Rhythm FM, 9 points from the bare bottom, because of its inability to get back its lost listeners, or to lead on any key metric, including its brand position.

Beat FM sister brand, launched last year, is second to last because it hasn’t yet found its space in the market and Radio Continental takes the last spot because no one – still – pays attention to what goes on there.

See the ranking below;

Radio StationRank This MonthRank Last Month
Urban FM11
Wazobia FM22
Beat FM33
Top Radio44
Cool FM55
Soundcity Radio66
Bond FM77
Brila FM88
Smooth FM99
City FM1010

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