YNaija Tinsel weekly review: The urgent question is “who killed Varere Brume?”

By Joy Ehonwa

The past can be a terrible thing, especially when it decides to catch up with you.
While Angela’s attempt to blackmail Amaka was evil, we didn’t expect that the facts about Sunom’s death would remain hidden from the law forever. Truth be told, it was only a matter of time before the real story came out, but at least we now have a legitimate reason to dislike Mrs. Etuk. We’ve put up with her irritating behaviour for so long.
Poor Amaka was shocked to hear it was the terminally ill, soup-bearing grandmother of her unborn child that  was reopening the case. We can only hope that she wouldn’t suffer too much.
Sheila’s suffering on the other hand seems to have no bound; she has got herself tangled in a web of deceit with the good doctor which is now hunting her.
Finally, Fred is “in love” with Laide. Having your husband not remember who you are is one thing; but watching him pine over another woman is quite another. Putting Fred Ade-Williams through this farce isn’t doing anybody any good I’d say; why not just tell him what year it is and let him know he has amnesia?
Loyal fans of Tinsel have suspended their disbelief and enjoyed the ride as Fred managed to drive to the office and miraculously return home without having seen one newspaper front page, new billboard, or calendar. The movie he couldn’t remember Reel Studios producing didn’t seem to bother him too much. The new buildings he noticed aroused only such mild suspicions that were easily dismissed by Sheila’s weak explanations. And this week Wale somehow was able to come up with some story about the location Reginald is away scouting for. We’ve enjoyed the great acting, but I seriously wonder if this charade can be stretched beyond this point.

Titi handed Salewa brilliantly; I enjoyed the way she switched to Yoruba to drive home her point, it was a nice touch. And of course, the “corpse discoverer”- Bimpe, did not disappoint either. Everyone’s favourite airhead is milking her 5 minutes of fame for all it’s worth.
Still, the question looming is “who killed Varere Brume?” We now know that whoever did it used some other weapon, not Ziggy’s gun which Kwame foolishly left behind. And we are assuming that this person is either physically strong, able to lift an adult man’s body into the boot of a car, or must have had help. It’s time for a little arithmetic, don’t you think?

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Comments (14)

  1. So, now who do we think killed Varere Brume…?

  2. I think bimpe shld be given a longer role to play.I actually watch tinsel cos of her.she's very vibrant and exciting.way to go girl!

  3. He was effing mean and rude – that's why he gave birth to such horrible children! One who is constantly revolting, and people who are scared of him. He was annoying!

  4. I absolutely love that Bimpe xter. She shd have more dialogue. No boring scenes with her in it. Fred's matter is getting annoying.he can't be ignorant about his amnesia forever. Tinsel writers draft a better story.somehow I think Kwame killed Varere. Titi K is wonderful. Where are Chuks n Eneh?????

  5. But Cheche, the old Fred was strict but not mean and rude.

  6. I think they figured we miss the old Fred and are bringfing him back to annoy us. I prefer this one to the Chilled one sha o Olo!

  7. I completely agree with you. Fred living in the past really doesn't make sense anymore. Ok so the reason he was initially lied to was because they didn't want to risk his 'fragile'brain from hurting even more after the stroke. However, his doctor has said there has been a major improvement to his brain so I'm guessing he should be able to handle the truth now without much fear of him relapsing.
    So tell him the truth, show him pictures to help him remember his life. How long can he possibly stay in the house for without wanting to watch the news. Its not like he's bed ridden,he moves round his house and can turn on the TV anytime.
    Thank God Varere was killed off,he was becoming a nuisance and making Tinsel an extension of Nollywood. And I can't wait for Sunom's mum to be killed off as well. Rather annoying.

    1. Hi olo, I couldn't agree more with you on Fred, varire, and sunoms mum! I can't stand her!!! Can't wait for that cancer to KILL her! Wicked SOUL! Imagine how she is carrying on now! Instead of her to hide her head in SHAME for begetting such a Devil called SON ! Please writers hurry up and kill her off she is leaving a bad fragrance around this lovely soap ! Please show us more happy episodes of our Amaka and lover BOY ! They are the BOOM !

  8. Yea!!!!!!u can say dat again about Bimpe. I just love dat girl. She just knows how to make a boring scene come to life. Wudn't mind if d writers show us more of her

  9. You must really be a Dracula for making such a silly comment! I'm sure you don't have DSTV in your dungeon.

  10. I really don't get the fuss about this Tinsel. *hiss*

  11. Would love to see a twist of Fred falling for Shiela his "nurse" and there will be a second wedding after all he fell for her when she was his masseur and friend's daughter. Although he was a different (less stiff, prim and proper) person at the time. I was lucky with the Nero-Amaka thingi. Although that will be a little becoming like all those other soaps that drag and drag. Well, until something changes *crossed fingers*

  12. I am loving this Ynaija. Good stuff Joy! From Tinsel maniac:)))))

  13. I completely agree with you! The whole Fred business is truly ridiculous!

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