#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Erica and Wathoni still resent each other, Laycon is disgusted with Erica

It’s a new week in the Big Brother Naija house, and it seems like the housemates are still reeling from the eviction previous day.

No doubt, the start of a new week saw some of the housemates in high spirits. We can only imagine they feel appreciative of the fact that they are afforded another week in the house. Nevertheless, the mood in the house on Monday morning was a bit dull.  That was until the diary room sessions.

Dairy Room Session

Talks in the dairy room with Biggie proved to be interesting with some housemates. For starters, Big Brother was adamant about the question of who they would bring back, if they had the power to. Just to mention a few, Lucy said she would bring back Ka3na, no surprise there. Praise also mentioned Ka3na, stating that she is selfless. Nengi, Vee and Kiddwaya picked Tochi. Laycon, went for Lilo. And Trickytee picked Eric.

We aren’t sure if Big Brother is hinting towards the classic ‘bringing back one housemate to spice things up saga.’ But if that is the case, that’s something we will certainly be excited to see.

The bad blood between Wathoni and Erica still remains

Erica and Wathoni had a vicious fight on Friday evening, and a lot of hurtful things were said. So far, from what we have gathered, it seems like the issue is far from resolved.

Erica still resents Wathoni

Erica‘s dairy room session with Big Brother made one thing clear, and that’s the fact that she still resents Wathoni. She explained at length how their beef had been brewing from the onset. She narrated that Wathoni constantly throws subtle jabs at her, from not picking her during team games to making hurtful side remarks about her.

“She acts like a coward, and she is always trying to act like the victim in every situation.” she told Big Brother.


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She also said that she has no interest in making up with her, because then she would be forced to make small talk with her, and she doesn’t know what will come out of that.

Wathoni feels the same way

On the other hand, Wathoni had a conversation on the same topic with Laycon. She too told Laycon that she is uninterested in making peace. She stated that Erica cannot apologize to her, that the only person that deserves an apology is her son, and no way she is letting Erica see her son.

Somewhere in her conversation with Laycon, she mentioned that the whole incident had exhausted her, so much so that she wouldn’t have been mad if she was the one evicted on Sunday.

Seems like both ladies have no intention of talking things out and becoming friends, and we simply can’t wait to see what that would entail for the coming weeks.

Laycon is disgusted with Erica

Earlier during the same conversation, Laycon and Wathoni had been on the same subject of Erica. Laycon however, spoke about how he is over Erica. He told Wathoni that he noticed a change in himself the last time he saw Erica and Kiddwaya together. He stated that he expected to feel jealous when he saw them getting intimate, but instead felt disgusted.

Describing the incident to Wathoni, he questioned why Erica felt the need to do her thing with Kiddwaya, around him. He said that he has noticed how she may be making it a habit, and quite frankly, it disgust him rather than makes him jealous.

Kiddwaya wins Heads of House

On a lighter note, Kiddwaya won the week’s Head of House games. As new Head of House he was required to pick a deputy. Unfortunately, he couldn’t select his boo Erica, as the rules state that, an outgoing head of house cannot vye for Head of House or Deputy for the next week.

As a result of this rule, Kiddwaya selected Tolanibaj as his deputy. For guests however, that is the one person, both the Head of House and the Deputy can have in the head of house lounge as a guest, Kiddwaya of course selected Erica, while Tolanibaj, picked Prince.

Kiddwaya’s secret mission 

After Kiddwaya had selected a Deputy in the diary room, Big Brother tasked him with a secret mission. The mission is to always have an alibi for Big Brother’s absence to the housemates, as Big Brother stated that he will not be around for a few days. Kiddwaya’s mission is to make the housemates oblivious to Big Brother’s absence.

Housemates fight over food

To end the day, there was a bit of a tussle over food, and quite frankly it’s about time. If you are familiar with the BBN show, you will know that losing a weekly wager always spells disaster for the housemates. What this does is shortchange the rations of food and provisions in the house, forcing the housemates to be economical with the house’s resources. Of course this dynamic often makes for some interesting and sometimes intense drama. And we may have gotten a sneak peak at some of the incoming dramas.

Late last night, Praise had a serious issue with the way the Head of House had distributed the food. The issue he had was about the fact that some housemates got more meat than others. Precisely, he pointed out that Erica was hoarding a whole pot of stew with more than enough meat in it, while he on the other hand barely got any.

Vee too had the same reservations. She saw no reason why Erica kept a whole pot of stew in the HOH lounge, while the rest of the housemates were left with a small portion. However, according to Kiddwaya, the stew Erica was keeping was for the next day.

It was a convoluted issue, as no one really had their story straight. Kidd had said the stew was for the next day, but Vee claimed to have over heard Erica saying that the stew was just for four people.

“I like Erica, but what she did today made no sense.” she stated, talking to Tolanibaj.

With the wager fail last week, and Biggie looking like he wants to follow it up with the appropriate punishment, it will certainly be interesting to see if more food fights will happen.



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