#YNaijaBBNOp-ed: Nengi reminds Ozo that he is still in the friend-zone

Nengi rejects Ozo again

Is it too late for the Ozone ship to set sail, or is this ship just slow to move? In all honesty, even if there is a jolt, this ship might not go anywhere? But to be fair there may be a slim chance of this happening. Regardless, there seems to be some misconception surrounding the Ozo and Nengi relationship.

For weeks now, Ozo has been trying to plead his case with Nengi. He has consistently tried to sneak in the idea of a romantic relationship between the both of them, but to no avail.


He has done as much as he can to win her over, including choosing her as his deputy when he won head of house challenge, and worse, alienating all his friends in the house to solely spend  time with her. And in hindsight, may be risking his chances of winning just to be with Nengi.

Regardless, his gestures has only gotten him to the level of friend, even though he clearly wants more. Nengi simply isn’t interested in pursuing anything romantic with him, and she has stated this time and time again, and as plainly as she can.

However, she was made to reiterate this point yesterday during a conversation the pair had, when Ozo requested to get cozy with her in the same bed.

Ozo had suggested to sleep in Nengi’s bed last night. His reason was that he had suffered insomnia the previous night, and he felt he would be able to sleep better if he were to sleep on the same bed with Nengi. Nengi refused, stating that the kind of friendship they have is not the type where they sleep in each other’s beds.


This is rather ironic, seeing as that fact didn’t stop her from accepting to be his deputy, knowing that sleeping on the same bed is a necessary requirement.

Their relationship continues to be a convoluted one, as people are finding it difficult to deduce what to make of their, sometimes cute, and sometimes basic relationship.

How the fans are taking it

When it comes to Ozo and Nengi, you can look from different angles, and you wouldn’t be far off. This is what fans who are divided in their opinions seem to have done.

On one hand, there are those who believe that this ship has already set sail. Ozone shippers have decided that Nengi’s vocal refusal to be with Ozo was said out of context. They seem to see the things that no one else does and have decided that though she has consistently refused to accept, she may have not meant them.

And there are also those, who just enjoy seeing them together, whether they are a couple or not makes them happy. Ozo’s gentle nature and mild-mannered persistence seems to be what has them hooked, and they are here for this ship, through thick and thin.

And really, it is difficult to blame these hopefuls, especially since Nengi refuses to sleep on the same bed with Ozo, and then this happens…

To most of the viewers, Nengi is just playing hard to get, some comments she makes contradicts others, and some of her actions towards Ozo are what you would expect from a girl who is in love. And just to note, deciding to spend all his time with Nengi is one half of the story, the other half is that Nengi seems to enjoy that fact.

Whether it’s a strategy or maybe she is being real or perhaps, like most fans believe, she is simply playing hard to get for a man she is visibly attracted to… with the unpredictability of these two characters, we will just have to wait and see if anticipating this relationship will eventually be worth the wait.

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