#YNaijaBBNOp-ed: Our prediction on who’s in danger of eviction next week

It would difficult, rather impossible to state for a fact that something will, or will not happen. The future is not something one can accurately discern, but it can be predicted and some predictions turn out to be nigh prophetic.

We in no way are claiming divinity and the prophetic prowess that come with it, but for the Big Brother Naija show this season, we will attempt to foresee Sunday’s turn of events.

There are just two weeks left before we crown a BBN winner, and the race now more than ever is heated up. Anyone who makes it past this week is prime, either certainly or by some unforeseen circumstance to win the money.

No doubt Laycon is a favorite to win, but as history has proven, anything can happen. For this week however, there is little ambiguity to who may be heading home.

As is customary with the show, the finale would host five finalists, which means that two of the seven housemates would most likely be evicted this week. So let’s attempt to sift out the possible finalist.


Unless there is a drastic turn of events for the next two weeks, Laycon is most likely going to win the show, so weighing the risk of him going this week is basically pointless. So pointless that even if he is nominated, its only a detriment to those who are nominated with him. The poll result the last time he was nominated, showed an overwhelming  support for him, it wasn’t even close. And his support on line has reached celebrity level. So for this week we rank Laycon as safe.


Right off the bat, we are just going to state that no other housemate in the house asides her love interest Neo, is in more danger of being evicted on Sunday. Not only is she most likely going to be nominated, she is certainly going to be evicted is she is. Her only chance here her or Neo winning the Head of House (HOH) challenge, and grabbing that sweet, sweet elusive immunity perk.


Another strong character, Ozo in our opinion is the only housemate that may be able to offset Laycon’s chances. His poll result last night proved his star power, more so considering who he was up against. And, Let’s not forget the fact that he has been borderline obsessive with Nengi, a behaviour that should have turned a lot of fans off, yet this did nothing to sway the votes against him. Matter of fact, it only proved just how strong his fanbase is, to ignore this huge anomaly in his game. He is certified safe, even if he gets nominated.


Nengi is in that sweet or should we say gut wrenching position of middle.  Her road to the finale would be greatly influenced by a number of factors. For starters she is safe if she or Ozo wins the HOH challenge. Also she may be safe if she is up against Vee, Trickytee and perhaps Neo, but asides this Nengi is not surviving. If she is up against the likes of Laycon, Ozo, and maybe Dorothy, its hard to see her survive that one, although it would be interesting to see. For us, she is unsafe.


Speaking of Dorothy, she is loosely safe. Her safety much like Nengi depends on the same factors, but say she is up, she can hold her own against anybody, even Ozo, her fan-base just has to have a slight edge and they can potentially out vote anyone else. Basically a top three for us, we can say she is safe.


Neo like Vee are in our bottom two. If push comes to shove and Big Brother decides to put up all the housemates, up for possible eviction, chances are he and Vee would be evicted. Unless he or Vee wins the HOH challenge, he is unsafe.


And finally our dark horse Trickytee. Trickytee is so strange and unpredictable we are not even going to try. We have seen him get lucky, we have seen fans rally behind him,  and we have seen housemates not nominate him. He has survived this long without anyone expecting he would and he has snuck his way in, into the mind of some fans. Not sure what his fate  holds, but our predictions would be that he is making top 5, so we are calling safe.

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