You Tweet: "Some people open accounts just to insult you," says @Vivisleek

by Ifreke Inyang [@Ifreke]


Vivian is one of the warmest tweeters you will ever follow on Twitter. She is popular but down to earth and friendly. Once in a while, she likes to stir up a bit of controversy by putting up what we have all come to term, er… Boobvatars. Vivi, as she is often called, tells us about her other experiences on Twitter.

How did you get on Twitter?
I got on Twitter in April last year through a friend. But I didn’t start tweeting immediately because Facebook was still interesting to me. I became active sometime in October same year

Who would you say is your favourite tweeter?
Wow!! That’s a hard one because I have lots of favorite tweeps and I like all of them so much. But these crazy girls:  @chyychy,  @divadollababy @pheary and  @cicrakisses are a handful and they crack me up a lot

Is there any particular tweet you’ll never forget? Tell us about it.
Yeah, there have been some. Like there was this time I hosted my twitfam, about 30 of them in our family house in Lagos. We had so much fun and they tweeted about it for days. It made me happy and appreciated

Have you had any embarrassing/memorable experience on Twitter? If yes, what happened?

I don’t think have had any embarrassing experience on Twitter, but I’ve had so many memorable ones. My birthday for instance. The amount of love that was shown to me that day was wonderful.  I felt loved and special

 What are the downsides of being on Twitter?

Some people just insult you for no reason.  But I seem to have their antidote which is to ignore them. Another is when you tweet a lot. You tend to put Twitter first at times in stuff you do. There was this time I was traveling for a wedding. I checked in and was tweeting. I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t hear the announcements for the flight’s departure.  So, I missed the flight! (Please note: I  AM NOT A TWITTER ADDICT!!!.lol)

What are the upsides?
Aside the obvious reason that you get to interact with interesting people and get first hand information and breaking news. You get to know your favourite celebs more and yeah,  you get to laugh a lot too. Tweeting makes me happy!

What else have you gained from being on Twitter?
I don’t think I have fans but Twitter got me some friends,  very  wonderful ones  for that matter. They are so many of them can’t mention all

The general perception on Twitter is that you’re a controversial person..

Maybe. But it’s just a little though. They probably say that for lots of reasons like we don’t  agree on everything, my  tweets  are too blunt, a little immoral  (#TwitterAfterDark, I #GBAGAUN  tweeps and of course, the very obvious – my  crazy, jaw dropping, out of  the world (boob)vatars. Lol.

 Describe your Twitter persona in three words.
Crazy, spontaneous and unpredictable

Do you follow back readily? Why?
Not really. I follow when I want to, especially when am asked nicely. I like to follow interesting people and people I think I can learn from. I follow carefully.

What would possibly make you close your Twitter account?

I can’t think of anything yet o! But who knows, anything can happen.



Twitter Stats ( As at 1.56pm, 25th October)

Handle: @vivisleek

Followers: 3,277

Following: 441

Tweets: 52,889

Favourite tweets: 208


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  1. vivisleek is really sleek, thumbs up girl

  2. im sure if tweeps should read this and see vivi's face they won't believe she's the one … and also she is tall like 6ft tall .. she's warm truly and she does not take shit too…. Nice one vivi

  3. Okay…. But she should stop using Sexy Avatars and all.. lol.. jk


  5. *Dancing*** Dat is my name ba…. Wheeeeeeew I feel good TANANANAANANNANA….. Mscheeeeeeeeeeew Twitter Celeb noni…..

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