“Our president, the general” – Jonathan vs #OccupyNigeria: Lessons learnt, by Stanley Azuakola

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  1. John says:

    Stanley, I read your message here. Well it’s a pity, we Nigerians just played the part of “ole” (mumus). Labour never really represented us. And the strike only really affects the salary earners. They’s the ones with the fixed incomes who now have this extra burden of N97 per liter of fuel to pay for. School fees, transportation… Etc. The salary earners I belive (don’t quote me) are barely 20% of the population or less.

    Now majority, about 60% are business owners, market men and women. And dear me you, they truely don’t give a s*** about the fuel price. N200 doesn’t pinch them one bit. Supprised? Well, they’ll simply increase the price of their goods and services to make up for the extra cost. THAT my friend, is why everyone zapped from the protest zones once labour called a “holiday” on the weekend and people could never get their momentum after that again. Forget labour. We just like using big words in Nigeria. Labour doesn’t mean anything and they don’t represent anyone.

    The protest is only as sucessful as it comes from our hearts. And what bothered us the most was the governments reckless spending. It is social welfare we’re looking for, not some stupid N65-N97 fuel price.

    But we Nigerians are just too mumu to fight for our own right. Colonial mentality has left us with a permanent scar of OGA-has-to-be-better-than-me-at-all-times mentality. We haven’t yet started seeing all men as created equal.

  1. February 8, 2012

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