That thing around its neck: Is ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ the biggest flop of 2013? (YNaija Long Read)

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5 Responses

  1. Tope Fasua says:

    Great analysis, even though long indeed.

    Our people want to fall into the trap of 'a single story', which Chimamanda herself preaches against – even if I've seen her capitulate to single stories in the past.

    Our people want a WAR STORY and not a love story, which is what @biyi bandele put together. We want to keep the war going – and indeed we are – 44 years after it was ended. That is why this article mentioned "While the Biafra war is a major historical event, its lack of cultural ownership by its own country has led to its loss of intensity as a narrative over decades". Who will claim ownership of the Biafran war, when in the most part, it's been used as a sledgehammer to psychologically incapacitate even people who were not born then – with the intention of using it more effectively against people who are yet to be born. We here about the brutality and chicanery of our forefathers, and are expected to pay even more exactingly for their sins.

    Perhaps we are lucky that HOAYS the movie, did not turn out to be another distasteful, disuniting bulwark, like TEARS OF THE SUN, wherein a hypothetical coup and war in Nigeria, was split right down the middle, as Hausa vs Igbo, Christian vs Muslim. Talk about 'the single story', or if you don't know what Chimamanda meant by her coinage, we are talking about people having a one-track mind.

    I know uplifting movies and books about Africa, movies and books which would have made us UNDERSTAND each other, given us a different perspective about life, that have rotted in the worn out briefcases and backpacks of those who wrote them or put them together.

    In the contrary, i saw a movie titled COLD MOUNTAIN last year, starring Jude Law, and it was about the American Civil War. Only that it was not a story about war. If anything, the movie showed that 'war is a bitch', as we saw warmongers who pushed their brothers into the war front in order to seize and use their wives, we saw double-crosses, we saw the stupidity of war as a whole. We then wept at the epic love story that emerged out of it all.

    But back here in Nigeria, our people want A STORY ABOUT WAR. But since Biyi's flick was not about casting blame in a certain direction, making a side holy and the other villainous, they refused to 'hype' the movie. What can i say? I hope the movie gets the lift it deserves from other quarters. I hope Chiwetel wins the Oscar for 12 YEARS A SLAVE. I hope HOAYS stays around for a long time and recoups its investments. And i hope we change…

  2. Tsitsi says:

    You seem biased, surely not everything about the movies is that bad. Why are you so negative towards your fellow country man trying to put the Nigerian film industry on the map? A real shame. I am not Nigerian but as an African, I am proud of the efforts made by everyone in this movie. C’mon give them some slack.

  3. Shock G says:

    You probably should wait until the movie is actually released in theaters around the world before labeling it 2013’s biggest flop. Last I checked, it has screened primarily at film festivals. What a needless and long article.

  4. Denise says:

    I’ve seen the movie and am a film professional in Hollywood, and if you are calling it 2013’s biggest flop then you know nothing about film. Period.

  5. Seanord Vandinho says:

    Africans are indeed our greatest enemies…how wud you spit out so much hate to your brother?….you could not even commend the hard work of nollywood this past year….as far as i am concerned the meeting was a huge success

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