That thing around its neck: Is ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ the biggest flop of 2013? (YNaija Long Read)

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  • Tsitsi

    You seem biased, surely not everything about the movies is that bad. Why are you so negative towards your fellow country man trying to put the Nigerian film industry on the map? A real shame. I am not Nigerian but as an African, I am proud of the efforts made by everyone in this movie. C’mon give them some slack.

  • Shock G

    You probably should wait until the movie is actually released in theaters around the world before labeling it 2013’s biggest flop. Last I checked, it has screened primarily at film festivals. What a needless and long article.

  • Denise

    I’ve seen the movie and am a film professional in Hollywood, and if you are calling it 2013’s biggest flop then you know nothing about film. Period.

  • Seanord Vandinho

    Africans are indeed our greatest enemies…how wud you spit out so much hate to your brother?….you could not even commend the hard work of nollywood this past year….as far as i am concerned the meeting was a huge success