Wole Soyinka: Gays, lesbians and legislative zealotry

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6 Responses

  1. Leg says:

    Uncle Wole, don’t even think abt pulling wool over our eyes. Homosexual rships re ABHORRED in this land of Africa and it shall remain so by the grace of God. Please stop trying to be popular once again by delving into this area. Africans are religious people and no true religion support same sex marriages or rships. Shikena!!!

  2. Bunye Ngene says:

    I am extremely proud and happy that Prof. Wole Soyinka has taken the bold step of addressing such an important issue in an intellectual and objective manner. It’s time for us Nigerians to pull away the veil of religious and moral bigotry and zealotry from our eyes and address issues objectively and intelligibly. Kudos Prof!

  3. dpo says:

    lnong life should be added 2 u

  4. olisa obiosa says:

    Its not so complicated as we think,2consenting adults want to live with each other….but please nobody has been able to give me a reply to the question that if we allow d gay person marry?then y are we restraining d paedophile?does he not have rights too?who determines how far we go in terms of our sexuality and sexual orientation?

    • Bunye Ngene says:

      I am ever so shocked and surprised when people compare homosexuality to paedophilia or rape. There is a huge difference between these three and you even mentioned it in your post. It is called “consent”. When a paedophile has sexual relations with a minor it is usually without his/her consent and even when this consent is given it is usually done so with the utmost degree of ignorance (a minor is usually not mature enough to give such a consent). So a paedophile exploits and abuses his/her victim emotionally, psychologically, sexually and physically. The same applies to rape which is why they are considered criminal offenses all over the world, and rightly so. So no, paedophiles and rapists are not entitled to the same rights as other people. Homosexuality on the other hand involves two CONSENTING individuals who have decided to engage in a mutual benefiting relationship of any kind. There is no coercion involved. So you see homosexuality IS NOT to be compared to paedophilia. The Prof. also addressed this issue in his article.

  5. Chijioke says:

    To my mind, this is a thought-provoking piece- not because of the writer, but purely as a result of its contents. I have been a strong advocate of legislation- if necessary- against same-sex relationships. But over the past few months, I’ve not been able run away from subjecting my pre-conceived beliefs about human sexuality to the crucible of scientific- and even moral- examination.
    Two questions I keep asking myself are, “why has this practice survived over the millennia (not just centuries)?”, and “how will I feel if someone, guided by one’s ‘moral’ convictions, dictates that I should not ride the same bus with someone of the opposite sex?”. On the other hand, the danger I feel society should be alert to as noted by the good professor, is when ‘membership’ to such ‘threatened clubs’ confers undue advantages to its practitioners so that others are ‘coerced’ into adopting such practices.

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