‘Demand a change’: 10 (s)excapades you should try for the holiday season

by Gossip Queen


1. Demand a change: Men usually like to change positions during a passionate lovemaking session. So why not turn the heat on by demanding him to change the position. You won’t be surprised to find him asking for more. Demand that he take you from behind, and see him go crazy.

2. Dirty dancing: Have you ever danced for your man and stripped for him? If not, look for a raunchy dance number right now and head to the nearest store to get some sensual lingerie ever. Pick up some matching high heels too! Give him a night to remember we say.

3. Slave for you: Using handcuffs on your partner is so 50 Shades of Grey (read: passé). Why not instead use the handcuffs on yourself? Handcuff yourself to the bed or the bathroom sink and play the damsel in distress and call out for your man to rescue you. His amused expression on your theatrics will speak volumes and he is bound to scoop you in his arms. Be the helpless wanton and ask him to make love to you then and there!

4. Clasp it up: Ever tried Kegel exercises? This form of exercise requires you to contract your vaginal muscles and then let them loose. Now we tell you how to make it interesting. Try a kegel when your man in inside you! He will feel the contraction and expansion of your vaginal muscles on his most sensitive spots and go wild.

5. Mirror mirror on the wall: Watching yourself during sex can be a big turn on for both the man and the woman. Leave the inhibitions about your body aside and get some mirrors around and make love with your man. If not the bedroom, then you can make love in the bathroom, which already has mirrors.

6. Marathon time: Participated in a marathon ever? No, we are not referring to the marathon where you run, but the marathon where you have non-stop sex! Book a hotel room for a weekend and put the ‘Do Not disturb’ sign on the doorknob. Have all kinds of sex for two days straight, breaking up just for naps. It surely will be a time to remember.

7. Leave 69: We are not asking you to ditch the 69 altogether. But if you have had enough of it, then we say go 55 instead. Yes, it is the new position to enter our sex lives! In 55, a couple spoons each other and has slow and seductive sex. It promises to hit your G-spot for sure.

8. Nothing under: Seduce your man to the maximum with this fabulous trick. Wear his clothes and nothing underneath. When he comes to get his clothes back, he will find you in your birthday suit. It will be a big turn on for him and hot sex is bound to follow.

9. DIY: Get your man all worked up as you pleasure yourself. Don’t shy away and tempt your man to make love to you by playing with yourself. Flick the bean in front of him and see your man go crazy.

10. Force self: Men love to be forced into the bed and made love to. Force your man into the bed and mount him. Restrict his movements and treat him like a slave. Ride him hard and behave as if you have just used him in bed. Men definitely won’t mind being used this way. *Wink*


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