10 things you should never say to a man in bed

by Charli Penn

If the sex is great, you shouldn’t even realize the phone is ringing, never mind want to answer it.

Here’s the scenario: You and your lover are in the middle of some seriously sexy time between the sheets and the vibe is absolutely magical. (We’re talking best night ever status!) Then, just when you think the moment couldn’t get any sexier, someone says something they shouldn’t have, and suddenly things start to go downhill fast. If this sounds familiar, you already know how easily your mouth can get you into trouble in the sack.

Let’s face it; some phrases just don’t belong in the bedroom. Wondering what you could possibly say to end the fun so fast? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. No matter what happens, never ever say one of these 10 things to a man in the heat of the moment.

“What did you eat for dinner?”

You know this is really just a nice way of saying “baby your breath stinks”, and trust us, he’ll know it too. Unless you want him to stop kissing you altogether, this is one thought you should keep to yourself.

“Is that it?”

Yet another ego-crushing blow you shouldn’t strike with during sex. If you care about him, you won’t go there. No man’s at the top of his game all the time are you? Cut him some slack.

“Did you pay that bill?”

If you’re thinking about finances in the middle of sex, you’re definitely not enjoying yourself – no question. He will instantly feel that he’s failed you.

“Stop sweating on me!”

Nobody wants to sleep with a diva. If you want to get hot and heavy without getting hot and sweaty something’s wrong.

“It could be better!”

In the heat of the moment, a man will undoubtedly ask you at least once if you’re enjoying the experience. This is not the time to crush his ego. If you’re truly not satisfied, save your opinions for a conversation when you’re both wearing clothes okay?

“Hold on, let me get that!”

If the sex is great, you shouldn’t even realize the phone is ringing, never mind want to answer it. Think about it. How would you feel if he stopped to grab his phone? Exactly!

“Are you done yet?”

Translation: “I didn’t want to do this anyway, so can you hurry up and finish already.” This is what we like to call an instant mood killer.

“You used to be better at that.”

Again, no one is great in bed all the time. How would you feel if he said this to you? This will make your lover instantly insecure, which can create a problem that will carry over to the next time, and the time after that. Be kind!

“Oh [name that’s not his]!”

Never mind how obviously inappropriate this would be, if you can’t remember who you’re sleeping with, you shouldn’t be sleeping with anyone at all.

“Are you sure the kids are sleeping?”

No man, or woman for that matter, will want their blissful sex thoughts interrupted by thoughts of their kids. Check on this beforehand, and be sure the coast is clear.



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