13 ways to step up your life in the year 2013

from YBW

Years seem to fly by faster than the speed of light.  This year was no exception, since we’re probably still getting accustomed to 2011 (let alone 2012).  But as the years come to an end, we are usually reminded that the following year presents a host of new possibilities.   At Your Black World, our team is committed to celebrating the diversity that is black America, while simultaneously seeking a better, stronger collective reality.

So, in order to commemorate the start of 2013, the YBW team came up with a list of 13 things that black people should do in 2013:

1) Find a way to own something:  Ownership is the key to financial prosperity.   Don’t spend your life waiting for a paycheck. Find a way to be the person who writes paychecks for other people.

2) Learn something new:  You should never stop growing and learning, no matter what your age.  The Internet is the greatest university in the history of the world and provides a tremendous opportunity for you to become an expert at anything.

3) Find a reason to stop drinking or using drugs:  Drugs and alcohol are among the primary causes for most tragedies and addictions.  Free yourself from the poison that has kept our people oppressed for hundreds of years.

4) Eat something healthy:  Grandma’s soul food might taste good, but that could also be the reason that grandma had a heart attack last year.  Try to avoid fatty, sugary, greasy foods and try fruits and vegetables instead.

5) Go to the gym:  We don’t care if you just got your hair done.  You still need to exercise so that your hair isn’t being done by your mortician.

6) Stand up for something:  Become politically engaged and active in the world.  There is a lot going on that concerns you, and you can’t sit on the sidelines.   Get politicians elected and then protest them to make them do their jobs.  Join a community group.  Mentor a child.  Do something to improve your community.

7) Kill the violence:  Too many black children are dying every year.  If we don’t care, then no one will.  Even if you don’t participate in the violence, take the time to speak on the violence and try to aim for violence reductions in your own community.  We can solve this problem by working together.

9) Stand up for our children:  Mentor a child today and let them know that somebody loves them.  Love is enough to move mountains when it comes to saving a child.  He/she might be the next Barack Obama.

10) Venture out of your comfort zone:  Consider traveling the world, learning a language or starting your own business.  This is your year to be great, so don’t let it pass you by.

11) Go to the doctor a get a check up: We can all be more health conscious and visiting the doctor is a great place  to start.  Don’t live in denial.

12) Get educated about your history:   Black people are more than just former slaves.   We have a very rich history that was probably not taught to you in school.

13) Love yourself and forgive someone:  Most of us have something about ourselves that is less than perfect.  We also have people in our lives or our past who’ve hurt us.  There is nothing more powerful than forgiveness, and today is the right day for you to give it a try.  It’ s not hard to forgive; you simply DO IT.



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