35 signs he’s NOT boyfriend material

by Ashley McDonald

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You’re constantly apologizing for his tool behavior.

So you’ve been having a little fun with a guy who’s totally a potential relationship prospect. No doubt about it.


Well, if you’re being perfectly honest with yourself, maybe you do question your go-to hook-up’s boyfriend abilities. Here are 35 signs he’ll only make for a great friend with benefits.

1. You’ve never seen him outside of his bedroom.

2. He doesn’t hang out with you before 10 p.m.

3. Dates? What dates?

4. You’ve watched at least 25 movies with him.

5. And by “watched,” we mean you glanced up at the screen every once in a while.

6. He only compliments your bod.

7. After hanging out with him, your eyes hurt from the brightness of daylight.

8. The walk of shame is practically your go-to strut.

9. He has posters of women in bikinis all over his room.

10. There are a bunch of initials carved into his bedframe (um…).

11. You’ve never met his friends.

12. You don’t know what his major is.

13. He has no clue what you’re into, either.

14. The only cute texts he sends you are winky-face emojis.

15. You can’t talk to him about your problems.

16. You found a boatload of selfies on his phone.

17. He has a playlist called, “I’d Tap That – Sexy Time Music.”

18. Whenever you hint at a relationship, he turns pale.

19. You don’t think your mom or dad would approve of him.

20. His partying is totally out of hand.

21. He tells you how awesome you are… in bed.

22. He celebrated your birthday by wishing you a good one on Facebook.

23. He’ll blow you off for video games any day.

24. He hides his phone whenever he’s texting someone.

25. You choose not to question his personal life, because you’re not sure you want to know.

26. He doesn’t cuddle.

27. You’re constantly apologizing for his tool behavior.

28. Your friends think you should stay away from him.

29. You get kind of (okay, totally) nervous whenever he goes to a club.

30. You feel the need to look perfect whenever you’re with him.

31. You have yet to find his sweet, sensitive side (maybe it’s hiding somewhere? Took a vacation?).

32. He completely ditches you whenever you’re on your period.

33. He wears tight muscle tees like we wear bras.

34. You found a hair clip in his bed that’s totally not yours.

35. He keeps a stash of condoms on his nightstand at all times.


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