5 surefire ways to impress your boss

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Don’t come to your boss with problems. Instead, come to your boss with solutions.

In this economy, pink slips are being handed out like candy on Halloween, and nobody wants to be the employee who is on the chopping block. The question is, how do you avoid becoming that person? How do you avoid being the next person out the door when it comes time for your company  to trim the fat?

To start with, you have to be what Seth Godin calls a lynchpin, which is an indispensable employee, and there are a few sure fire actions you can take to  help you get to that point.

  1. Don’t come to your boss with problems. Instead, come to your boss with solutions. This means that if you discover a problem at your job, don’t just dump that problem on your boss. Before you take it to your boss, craft a few solutions of your own for your boss to choose from. Solve the problem yourself.
  2. Whenever you have an idea for something your boss should do, take the initiative and do it for him. For example, let’s say you think it would be a good idea for your boss to issue a press release announcing a new product. You should type up the press release, and present it to your boss for approval. By doing this, you’re making life a lot easier for you boss, and at the same time, solidifying a place for yourself within the company.
  3. Stay current. Your boss shouldn’t have to tell you what business books to read. You should stay current with your own career development.
  4. Respond to office emails in a timely manner. Even if you’re knee deep in a project, respond by telling the person that you will deal with it as soon as you’re finished with your current project. Be specific, though. Give the person a due date and time so they will know when to follow up.
  5. If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don’t worry about whether it falls within the parameters of your job description, just get it done. 

What do you think? Do you have anything to add to this list?



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