5 things you do that kill sex in the bedroom

by Jaipi Sixbear

There are many factors in the bedroom of committed partners that can kill the mood for sex. It isn’t necessary to be so crazy that one or both of you should be committed. Just keep the sex lively and fun by using these pointers for having interesting bedroom encounters. Keep the mood light and exciting even in a committed relationship exclusive of other partners.

Don’t ask for sex. Nothing turns someone on like knowing they turn you on. So much that you don’t take time to ask for sex. Committed partners don’t have to be shy. Heat up the bedroom mood by being more aggressive. Sex isn’t about talking, it’s about doing. Relive that first night of sex together by being in heat. If you get your partner turned on with aggressive foreplay, you don’t have to ask for sex.

Don’t tell. Committed Partners have a responsibility to share some part of their sexual past. Just keep the details to yourself. If not the bedroom mood deflates because your partner is always comparing themselves to your past partners, and generally not favorably. It’s also a bad idea to talk to friends about your sex life. That’s just too much information for them and it kills the bedroom mood due to trust issues. Nobody wants their friends to be in on intimate details of their sex lives.

Go To Bed Early. Leave a little energy at the days end for committed partners to have fun in the sack. If the mood in the bedroom is exhaustion, there’s not much happening there. What’s more important to you? Late night television talk shows or sex? You never know what the other half of the committed partners team has in mind at the end of the day. Don’t kill the bedroom mood by dozing off in the middle of a passionate goodnight kiss that could lead to hot sex.

Don’t be sex predictable. Maybe there is plenty of aggression in the bedroom but someone is killing the mood by being too predictable. If there is a stupid little noise someone makes over and over as their body language for “I want sex now” and it’s always the same, that just ruins the mood. Make a new move, switch positions, anything different from the norm. Dress up like a stripper and shake it, liven up that bedroom mood.

Don’t go to bed mad. OK, you’re right sometimes this bedroom mood turns to hot make up sex and that’s great. Be honest though, it usually just means awkward silence and no love tonight between the most committed of partners. It won’t hurt to be the one to back down even if you are oh so right. It isn’t necessary to admit wrong doing, just say something like, “I love you so much, I hate fighting like this, can we kiss and make up?”. Now that’s when the bedroom mood changes and the hot make up sex comes in.


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