Don’t do it! 7 biggest first date deal breakers

by Diana White

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Meeting Mr. Right can be hard and if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should be ready to face many first date deal breakers.


But don’t be upset, because this experience will help you find the right guy down the road. Don’t waste your time on the wrong guys, check out 7 first date deal breakers.

1. Stories about the ex

The most annoying thing that is an instant deal breaker on a first date is when they tell stories about the exes. I think it is better to speak about the prospect of our relationship than about the shortcomings of his ex. I want to be the main figure of his attention on our first date. By all means, the ex is off-limits on a first date. When I face an ex conversation, I leave the guy at once.

2. He is late

One of the biggest deal breakers is a late appearance of your gentleman. Surely, people can get in different situations and I do understand that unexpected delays sometimes take place, but if it has happened without any explanation, you should be on the alert about this fact. It usually means that the guy is very light-minded with your relationship. If you are greatly impressed by the date with him, you should check his coming in time next date.

3. Dating etiquette

I’m not a chronic aesthete, but he should have good manners. I think no one would like to date a person who doesn’t have any manners. It is terrible to see him chewing with the mouth open and receive only monosyllabic sounds or answers to questions. A first date is an opportunity to show your best self, but not behave like a monkey. When guys complain about the menu prices all the time, they show how cheap and inexperienced they are. He should have at least basic manners if he wants to win your heart on a first date.

4. A drinker

I usually stick to the One Glass Rule. One cocktail can help you relax and remove stress, but I think everything should be within reasonable limits. Getting drunk is not a turn on and completely inappropriate. Someone tries to relief a first date jitters with a help of alcohol, but it’s not the best solution. If you don’t want to end up calling a cab, because your gentleman is completely drunk, you should find your own ride home.

5. Respect

Disrespect is a terrible deal breaker in all spheres of life. All relationships are based on respect and mutual understanding. When you are put in a very awkward position by your guy during your first date, you should make conclusions and realize that such relationship has no future. The guy should respect you vision of the world and boundaries as well. It often happens that people are incompatible. You just need to understand the nature of this person, if you don’t want to be treated without respect in future.

6. Self-absorbed

When I go on a date, I’m greatly interested in the guy. Sometimes it turns out that I feel like a journalist interviewing a man. It doesn’t mean that he should talk a lot on our first date, but I want the conversation to be interesting and easy. I’d like to hear what he wants to say. However, I want to know that the guy is interested to ask questions too. It’s a real problem if the guy is too self-absorbed.

7. Appearance

First date is the time to put your best self forward that’s why both guys and ladies should care about appearance enough to present nicely. It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes, but guys should care enough to dress up delicately. He should smell good and look nice. Those self-confident guys who have a style can easily win the heart of any lady, because they have a magical power to impress.

First dates are one of the most memorable events that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You should be very attentive and reasonable if you want to be surrounded by a wonderful man. Listen to your heart.


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