7 effective ways to get him to propose fast

by Minlee123

…let him know that despite loving him immensely you are not going to wait around forever.

You have been in a relationship for a long time now but you somehow cannot get your man to propose marriage to you without looking desperate. If you are stuck in such a situation then here are a few things that you can do to make things work in your favor.

1. Don’t push him too hard
Pushing him and going on and on about getting married is going to make you look desperate and make him run in the opposite direction. You have to broach this issue in a far more delicate manner as you are actually asking him to give up his so called “freedom”. You will need to play some mind games here to make him propose marriage to you so gear up for the ride.

2. Begin talking about the future
Begin by talking about your future. It could be simple things such as planning where you would want to settle, how you would want to make your money grow, or simply suggesting that you move into a bigger place. This will give him an idea that you want to be in a committed relationship and get him thinking on the lines of marriage.

3. Talk about friends who are getting married
Subtle reminders of how friends are getting hitched, their wedding, and honeymoon plans etc will all serve as indicators that you want to head in that direction too.

4. If he asks for space give it to him
If he says that he needs a little space, give it to him. But giving space does not mean waiting in the gallows. So go out and have a fun time especially with your male friends in a strictly platonic manner. Your man will get the picture of what you want loud and clear

5. Begin making independent financial decisions
Start taking major financial decisions independently. Make him see that you are doing all the things that he would normally do. When he questions you, throw the “we are not married” line at him. It’s hitting below the belt but it works!

6. Talk to him about moving
Casually speak about moving cities to look for better career options. This should make him feel insecure and should prompt him to have “The Talk” with you. If he doesn’t still wake up you really have to take a look at your relationship and figure out if it has matured or not or if you need to give it a little more time.

7. Hand him an ultimatum
If you feel that you don’t want to wait around forever and that your man is refusing to wake up to the reality of eventually getting married, then hand him an ultimatum and let him know that despite loving him immensely you are not going to wait around forever. He will jump into action from there on!



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  1. I have a guy i like and he loves me soooo much, his rich, how can i make him marry me

  2. Good info. Lucky me I reach on your website by accident, I bookmarked it.

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