7 things people with difficult relationships go through

by Divyani Rattanpal




If you are in a real relationship, you never feel like you are taking on a job. It all just seems so seamless. You can’t have your way all the time, yes. You need to compromise a little, yes. 


If life was meant to be perfect, we’d all have perfect, fuss-free relationships. However, considering that perfect relationships are non-existent, we have to make the most of what we have – and it all starts with understanding. We at MensXP understand this and present you with a list of seven things that only people in troublesome relationships endure.

1. Dirty, Ugly Fights

Yes, all couples fight, but not like cats and dogs. There is something known as a measured argument, which is a healthy way to address two conflicting views. But, some couples actually makes you sick in the gut by calling each other names and using downright filthy language against each other; and disrespecting, nitpicking and saying insulting things to each other in public. These are relationships where people stoop to any level to get back at their partners and are nothing less than diseased, leaving you to wonder why these people are together in the first place.

2. The Marriage Phobia

Both sexes have plenty of such phrases to dissuade people from getting married. While marriage is a personal choice, it certainly can’t be said to be crappy. Marriage isn’t just a cultural norm – it is actually a beautifully designed ecosystem of two people, when they live together, sleep together, confide in each other, share joys and sorrows together, and make babies together! And while these people who advise you against it have themselves been stuck in marriages with partners they hate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all marriages are bad. In fact, marriage has turned many a lives around for good!

3. Get Married Before Your Partner Backs Out!

Some people actually give this advice to people who want to concentrate on their careers before deciding to tie the knot. Just like a company selling bad products wants people to quickly buy them, these people want you to hurry up before hitting at the relationship’s expiry date.

4. Fear That Spending Too Much Time Together Can Bore You Both

These people think that in order to maintain that ‘spark’, you should spend as little time as possible. Yeah, right: then you should probably have a long distance wedding too!

5. Finding Relationships To Be Hard Work

No, relationships aren’t. If you are in a real relationship, you never feel like you are taking on a job. It all just seems so seamless. You can’t have your way all the time, yes. You need to compromise a little, yes. But relationships aren’t all the hard work they are made out to be.

6. Saying Girlfriend Means Lots Of Kharcha

Dude, in the first place, you were stupid enough to let her use you as an ATM. And having such a parasite-host relationship is not healthy at all. Other happy relationships manage finances mutually, and the girl is usually self-respecting enough to not let you pay each time.

7. Fighting Over Phone Availability

People call their partners twenty times just to fight over why they didn’t answer their calls. They start expecting their partners to be available at their beck and call anytime and keep them as their No.1 priority; failing which they have to suffer hour-long verbal duels. These days, even WhatsApp has added to the long list list of Possible Reasons For Couple Infighting, where a delay in responding to texts will ensue a lot of tamasha, rest assured!


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