7 useful tips on bringing back the romance in your relationship

by Corina Dondas


Everybody needs to relax every now and then, so why not help your partner do it in a more pleasant way. 


I believe this is one of the most useful tips I could give you on how to bring back the romance in your relationship. Be more adventurous and do things you never thought yourself to be capable of! Do something that doesn’t normally characterize you and surprise your partner. Try new things and experiment! You could take up a new hobby, something that you will both enjoy or you could go on vacation somewhere you wouldn’t normally go.


I know that you are tired and even exhausted sometimes, but that’s not an excuse to not take care of your relationship. Even if you don’t feel like going out, make an effort and take your partner on a surprise dinner or lunch date. You’ll feel better in no time when you notice how much they enjoy your surprise. You could even surprise your partner with a delicious home-cooked meal and spend your night at home doing things that you both enjoy.


When you’re spending some quality time with your partner and you’re working on your relationship, you should definitely turn off your phone. Show your significant other how important they are to you by giving them your full attention and by not allowing anything or anyone to interrupt you.


What better way to rekindle the love you have for each other than by going on a romantic getaway. If you have kids, find a good babysitter that could stay with them while you’re away and leave all your worries behind. Simply enjoy each other’s company and rediscover how wonderful the man/woman you’ve fallen in love with really is.


It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something you know they want for quite some time. This way, you will show them that you are really listening when they are talking to you, since they are the most important person in your life. I’m sure you will love the look on their face when they’discover what a wonderful surprise you’ve prepared for them.

6. “ME TIME”

I know this may seem a bit counterproductive but it’s really not. Everybody needs to relax every now and then, so why not help your partner do it in a more pleasant way. You could suggest them to go on a girls night out/ to spend some time with the guys. You could even buy them a ticket to a spa and this will definitely make them feel spoiled and special.


This should not scare you, because counseling does not break couples apart; it helps partners communicate better, something that will only improve the relationship. You will also be able to talk openly about any kind of issues that are on your mind and you will solve a lot of problems that you maybe didn’t know you two had.


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