Aderonke Adebanjo: What men find attractive

Lately I’ve been curious about what makes a man or woman decide that someone is “The One”. I think there is a defining moment in every relationship when you realize this person is it! But before we get to that point something or some things attract us to the other person in the first place so I wanted to know what guys find attractive. Most of the single people I know just haven’t found that person (or so it seems) or that person doesn’t agree with their finding. Lol. So, this might shed some light. We all know guys are visual but I wanted to know what else they find attractive so I asked some of my male friends the following question:

What are the top three (3) things that attract you to a woman or attracted you to your woman?

Check out their responses below. What do you think? Any aha! moments? Lol. Any surprises?  Please note that there’s a good mix of guys in there:  single, in a relationship, and married 😉

Body, brains, character – Godwin, 25

Wits & humor, personality/attitude (God-loving is somewhere inside this one), looks – Bankole, 30

Attitude, looks, kindness – Tunde, 34

Sense of humor/playful, beautiful body, and finally cooking…she must be better than me at that – Dare, 26

First, the God factor, the brain, and beauty – Timi, 30-something

Compatibility, very important (financial, social, spiritual compatibility), physical attraction and virtues – Ita, 32

Looks, obviously; humor, and personality – Ighosime, 29

I love her energy. She complements me in many ways. She’s committed to helping me become the man I’m meant to be. I had absolutely nothing when we met. No job. Not a dime but it didn’t matter to her. She stuck with me. She’s purpose-driven, a realist, and I love her connection with God. She’s encouraged me to draw closer to God. Finally, I’m also attracted to her physically. We make a team. A great match [INSERT TEAR] – Lubemi, 32

Beauty, smile, then confidence but mostly her warm spirit – Ayo, 28

Personality, looks, her mind – Udoka, 29

The love and fear of God, the cerebral depth (mental acuity, ability to hold her own in a conversation with a strong vision), her long dark hair and beauty – Biodun, 35

Her stature/shape, then getting closer, her character/wit and then her spirituality – Michael, 33

Resourcefulness/brains, curves, elegance/simplicity – Olawale, 37

Appearance, humor, great personality –Sam, 29

Her beauty, sincerity, and her super model-like shape –Buddy, 34

If she’s pretty/beautiful/cute, confident without being saucy, nice and easy going – Emmanuel, 28

Physical beauty, identifying ideologies/morals, confirmation of intelligence – O.O.A., 30+

I’m usually not the most outgoing person, so outgoing (not noisy) is attractive. Her hair…tried to knock this one for more “serious” sounding stuff but I won’t. I love “strange” hair. God bless my soul [LOL]. Her relationship with God – Bemyoda, 28

For me, initially her complete package and looks, gait/walk/shape, then her articulation, and the much deeper and longer to uncover, the content of her character based on views on God, life, sex, personal health and wealth, etc. – Funsho, 35


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