@Alabaster85 : What exactly is Surulere? (Inspired by @iamDrSid)

by Ayomikun Soyombo

Surulere is not a place
But a painful state
A state not marked on the world’s map
A state of tears and hope

Surulere is the pains endured
As the heart dreams of victory
Neglecting the shortcuts to fame
Because of the knowlege that riches laboured for lasts forever

Surulere is the little girl
With tattered uniforms but glorious dreams
Dreams to at the end wear the crown
Despite the momentary darkness

Surulere is the watery soup
To be swallowed with large bowls of ‘eba’
A soup rendered ugly without meat
To be taken in expectation of a better day

Surulere is the young man
With just a pair of boots and jersey
Day and night training in bleak places
That the medal of gold may be kissed

Surulere is the commercial bus driver
Who has chosen to not exchange his car key for guns
Despite seeing friends already on the fast lane
Beckoning on him to come join the gang

Surulere is the tears shed
By the Policeman who has decided to live for truth
Tears shed behind his walls with his pockets empty
Pockets that could have been filled with countless bribes

Surulere is the driven soccer team coach
Who laboured to birth a new generation of soccer stars
Who along the line met great victories & some defeats
And despite being snuffed out at the end ‘cos of the losses
Still summoned the courage to say ‘life goes on’

Surulere is the teacher
Who has chosen to teach despite hunger pangs
A teacher whose salary weighs lighter than the winds
But delights in birthing kings and queens

Surulere is the Banker
Who refused to collapse at ‘Ojuelegba’
After long terrible hours of labouring at work
Rest assured glory will come someday

Surulere is the leader
Who won’t smile with his people by day
Proclaiming a deep love
All to rob them when night comes

Surulere is that Pastor
That won’t feed fat on deception,flying about in jets
But rather bear the pains of a flock
Seeking light,smiles and healing

Surulere is the message of the sun
‘Cos it will shine again when tomorrow comes
The sun can never be hidden forever
Likewise dreams not allowed to perish

Surulere is believing in the dream of the ‘New Nigeria’
Despite being surrounded by wicked leaders
Leaders roaring about as wounded lions
Seeking funds to devour

Surulere is not a place
But a painful state
A state not marked on the world’s map
A state of tears and hope

N.B. – Surulere:a yoruba word meaning ‘patience pays’…eba:a staple yoruba food

Ojuelegba:a location in Lagos,Nigeria.


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  1. Yea we all need to be surulere someday,believing in a beta 2moro.

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