An open letter to the President: “I am tired of managing this country,” by Aninoritse Odeli

  Letter to Mr. President


Dear Mr.  President,

How are you today?  I trust you are well? Well why wouldn’t you be? You are eating 1 million naira a meal per day, so yes! I am sure you must be in excellent and robust health. 

How is the Dame and the children, the baby-mama and aunty Didi (oops, sorry people didn’t know you two had some connection? Sorry it was a slip, it will happen a lot in this letter. Oh and let me apologize in advance, my mouth sharp oo)? I am sure the home front is good? Right! Let’s get down to some crucial matters. These are matters that concern our great beloved country.

Guy, YOU DRINK????

Why is Boko Haram terrorizing the North? Bombs going off by the day and you haven’t done a thing about it? Instead, you are busy reading out your copy and paste speeches? Wetin na?? Speaking of speeches; let’s take a quick look at the last one; the one for Kano.

  • In which seven persons were confirmed dead and others wounded. Among the seven persons killed in the incident was a reporter with Channels Television in Kano, Mr. Enenche Akogwu. – 7 people?? In whush Kano?? Kano in Nigeria fa? And it was 7 people?? Issokay!!! Hell is Real ooo…
  • President Jonathan who said he was greatly saddened by the incident which  led to the loss of lives of innocent Nigerians – Really?? It took you 24 bloody hours to respond o. Oh sorry, you were too sad, you need composure abi?
  •  Pledged to get to the root of the incident while assuring the management and staff of Channels Television which lost its Kano-based correspondent and indeed all Nigerians; that those behind these acts of terrorism would be made to face the full wrath of the law. – *snores* Sorry I dozed off, I didn’t realize you where still talking. This law that has wrath, me I haven’t seen it? Biko please Uncle, bring it quick.
  •  And assured all journalists that “the Federal Government will continue to partner with the media in a robust and patriotic manner in the drive to build, institute and sustain the administration’s transformational values and programmes for our dear country  and indeed Nigerians. – should we name all the journalists that have been killed in this country? Let’s move on dear sir.
  • The President further commended the media for its historic role in protecting constitutional democracy and the rule of Law in Nigeria – shamelessly quoting RSVP.  Uncle Reubens, I see you o.
  •  As a responsible Government, we will not fold our hands and watch enemies of democracy, for that is what these mindless killers are, perpetrate unprecedented evil in our land. – Bwaaaaaahhhhhhaaaa..ya funny Mr. President. I wish you read this out, I would have loved to see your face. Lmao.


But guy you fall my hand dangerously o ahaha!!

You didn’t even add any new words, same old story, same old speech I have heard all my life. Is there like a default book of speeches that your people just refer to and just pick words out when you have a 7 min speech?

Now I am a little confused? Can you help me out? I don’t get it. I mean c’mon even Mugabe is well into his 80’s and is still seen to have control over his country; and mind you, he is one of the most “Lambasted & Lampooned” presidents in the world!

Fuel Subsidy: Mr. President Do you actually know what fuel subsidy is? I mean really do you know? And not what aunty Didi, Big Mummy Ngozi and Uncle Lamido told you. You want us to trust you, yet you can’t even honour your own word. Oga mi, this thing nor good o. you tell me in each speech of how you feel my pain. Sorry but Mr. President with all due respect, you DO NOT FEEL MY PAIN! I am probably still one of the few people that belong to this “middle class” but yet, I feel the hardship; so stop telling me you feel my pain cos my dear sir you certainly don’t. 

Mr. President you tell us to tighten our belt, biaa…whush belt you sef tight? I know how many cuts I am personally going to take in order to keep my own business afloat just because you have increased Fuel, I have even had to cut my weekend groove and drinks but I am sure you are currently passed out from a night of drinks as I write this. Abi na lie?  Ideally, I should question you about the budget but I will let my other big brothers and sisters who use big English have their turn with you on that.

You are living in a Utopia world Mr. President alongside Reno Omokri, David Mark, Oronto Douglas, Labaran Maku, Emeka Wogu, DAM, SLS, NOI, Ringim and Ogar. Your worlds are quite far from our own realities, your nose seem permanently stuck in the air and the rest of them can’t get their faces away from your behind because its stuck kissing it. Uncle Jona, until you are ready to actually feel our pain, STOP SAYING IT! Have you visited these places up north that are been blown up? (Oh yes, you appeared in Kano on Sunday as part of you publicity stunt to show you “feel our pain”) or do you just rely on what your arse-kissers tell you? Guy rise from your drunken state and just do sonetin na.

Mr. President I felt very insulted when your ministers & co said that we youths that gathered are a paid crowd and we got paid ₦500 + pure water.

₦500?? A whole me!! So you are saying Chude Jideonwo, Kola Oyeneyin, ‘Gbenga Sesan, Funmi Iyanda, ‘Yemi Adamolekun, Omojuwa, StanVito, Yomi Badejo-Okunsanya, Akintunde Oyebode, Kathleen Ndongmo, Tolu Ogunlesi, Kunle Durojaiye, Seun Kuti, Yadoma, Dawisu, ‘Deji Ashiru-Balogun, The Ogwuegbu clan and a whole heap of others. Most of whom I can beat my chest and say they are honest hardworking men and women of society got paid ₦500? Are we so cheap abi we resemble paid crowd for una eye?

You blame twitter for your woes, Maku is worried that we insult you daily, Mr. President, may I remind you that you actually insult millions of Nigerians daily? Your friends at ‘Neighbour 2 Neighbour’ put advert for you saying you may not leave us good roads or power but you won’t leave us in debt. Hiaan!! Debt!! Uncle Jona nor bi insult bi this?? Err…is that why we are here?? Ahaha!! 

Mr. President, I ask you to change your ways for the better, we don’t like this dictator style you are pulling; may I remind you 2011 was a bad year for dictators and the trend will carry on this year. I ask you to ‘Man Up’. You claim you are the nation’s C-in-C, well bloody act like it. Stop acting like you are a puppet, like you are being controlled or afraid. Stop attacking the innocent ones, deal with Boko Haram. Stop looking for people committing treachery just because we march the streets, guy e go shock you say we go enter streets again o.

Uncle Jona, you may see this letter as “an act of treason”, quite frankly, I don’t care. It is ok, come and pick me up. I am tired seeing suffering; I am tired of managing this country. This is a country and we the YOUTHS intend to get it back. We want a Country that WORKS. I expect to hear from you soon sir and we hope it is positive sir.

Mr. President, My name is Aninoritse Odeli-Serrano and I AM A NIGERIAN!! 


Odeli-Serrano, Aninoritse


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  1. Temmy, maybe we should also say that Odeli-Serrano gave you the “opportunity to talk naa,” otherwise we shouldn't be reading your "voice" here. Go kiss an ass – most appreciatably Jonathan's.

  2. Sweetheart, your first moment of delusion is by thinking you voted any of the politicians into office. They bought their way in. Another thing, the president did not, I repeat, the president did not give him the "opportunity to talk naa" because it is his right to write/talk whenever he wants. I'm sure you've heard of that little inconseqential right called freedom of speech. That's right, that inconsequential thingy covers his letter. So, I can assume that you now understand why the president cannot control what the writer decides to put up.

  3. Please!!!!! Spare me the sermon. You know children learn to crawl before they walk. Some people are sacrificing their lives to protest/occupy in order to challenge some questionable decisions made by our dear old president and you sit behind the comfort of your computer questioning why they have not been protesting before now. "Where have they been?" They have been busy surviving. The fact that they did not start protesting earlier does not negate the fact that they are protesting now. Atleast, they are doing something to curb corruption–we have to start somewhere right?– which is more than I can say for you.

    As for your question on why he is insulting the president, he figures that since the president allocated almost a billion of Nigeria's fund to feed himself and his family (plus Sambo and his) while Nigerians suffer from hunger/poverty/deprivation, the president can afford to internalize a few insults. Also, the president made allocations in the millions for generator/fuel/lubricants and all what not for himself and his family. You know what that means right? While Nigerians go for weeks without electricity, the president will never be in the dark for even a second. Please let us not go to the topic of fuel for cars for the president because Nigerians cover that also. SACRIFICE! SACRIFICE! is what Nigerians hear all the time, maybe it's time for all the politicians to sacrifice for a change.

    Please don't take my comment the wrong way afterall "Each and every Nigerian [me] is entitiled to his opinion na abi?" Your words.

    Long Live Nigeria.

  4. There will be millions of angry views, no doubt, and I believe all must be respected.

    What if there is a revolution, and President Jonathan (along with the top players in government – and probably the petroleum ministry) is ousted? Do you think in all honesty that the situation will change? NIGERIANS, and not just nigeria, need to change. We are a deeply CORRUPT people now. It took decades to instill it, but it is deep-rooted now, and it will take decades to clean it out.

    Do you know how many of us (including active #occupyNigeria participants) have benefitted undeserved, inflated, contract earnings from at least one of the state or federal governments in the last 20 years?

    I stand firmly against the antics of this government, but even moreso against the behaviour of the average Nigerian.

  5. Temmy I see you are upset. it is alright. I am sure you own a Laptop right? Use it well, write your own article and lets rate you too, instead of sitting there throwing words at the writer.

    Atleast the writer wrote her piece, and look who says it is full of grammatical errors cant spell grammatical?? SMH4U!!!! Look at your writing?? And you dey yab other man…kai…

    Pot?? Kettle?? Anybody see it too???

  6. good work u talk de true that many shay away list u speak d mind of many people dat dont have mout to speak.wish our all the best may god help

  7. The whole write up was stupid from the word baby mama to the end. Daft, waste of time, waste of space and full of gramatical be ur fault, na president give u opportunity to talk naa. If u believe u cld do anythin, u shd have been part of the system, then again am sure no one wld vote u in. Hisssssss. Na vet dr need check u up for real.

  8. Obviously this 'suffering' has badly damaged some nerve endings o! Cos I wonder, why the insults at Mr. President?

    And those raining insult and abuses on the AdyMarvel's comment, is that necessary? Each and every Nigerian is entitiled to his opinion na abi?

    And like I have been posing to the #occupiers…where have you all been fa? Is it because this one(subsidy) has touched and cut across everybody to the extent you(writer) had to 'cut'? Until I see us #occupying for every Nigerian that has died @ the hand of a trigger-friendly police, for the child without a 'law' protecting him/her, for that homosexual with a prison sentence his lot should he/she 'come out', for the jungle we call government public school our supposed leaders of tomorrow are subjected to, and all the yamayama going on in this my beloved Nigeria!!! Then you #occupiers will have my undivided attention and voice.

    Long live Nigeria!!

  9. don't let us abuse dis adymarvel cos he should be treated by a Vet. Doctor cos he's outrightly an animal with what he said…..Mr President,with all due respect sir, i just wanna tell u dat everybody is going 2 stand in front Of God on d day of judgement and say every thing he has done on earth…do u know our late president is gone(Yaradua) n he doesnt know anytin abt Nigeria again…,any blood dat drops on d floor cos of ur inemotional behaviours during ur tenure will b on ur head n ur family and everybody invoved in dis horrible acts.AMEN.


  11. We have a highly insensitive retarded president who I beleive is suffering from personality disorder, he had no shoes yet he's eating a meal of over 1m naira per day plus so many conflicting statements out of his mouth… His place is among d animals where he rightly belongs.

  12. Adymarvel.. You are big fool, fat, robost fool,cow,goat, pig,ram… Devil punish u and that ur stupid hands that u used in typing those rubbish. What kinda compulsary visit would u have paid? Them no dey pay u visit too abi? U be ghost, wind or superman? You all should just wait till Nigerians are actually ready to deal with u all heartless criminals that call urselves government, then we know who actually pays visits… Anyway, no point going into all that cos I only just wanna insult u n I have done that n may I add that the blood of every Nigerian that has died as a result of one hardship or the other caused by this government is on your already dirty and bad head.

  13. Adymarvel,who do u want Nigerians 2 blame?

    When we are blessed with crude oil & we are still suffering 4 what we ve.

    Does Awolowo built :cocoa house,NTA,UCH,OAU,UI,Premierhotel etc with oil money? All these were built by cocoa money.this Govt is a failed Govt.when we many resources yet 2 be fully tapped.

    What can this Govt point @ as achievements despite all the #trillions of budgets?

    They can only proud of pains inflicted on masses thru subsidy removal,insecurity,(boko-haram)ASUU strike,poor road,unemployment.etc

    Pls,kindly convince me.pls & pls.

  14. we heard enough of this but I'm not surprise of people like this that they always put blame on every govt which all of them are the real parasites.

    If truly you're fighting for the masses why you didn't do the same on PHCN, WATER CORPORATION & EDUCATION, You can't occupy Nigeria on this because you people are COUTRACTOR who engaged in all those abondond projects.

    90% of you people are CABALS wngaged in ME & MY WIFE OIL & GAS everywhere in LAGOS, ABUJA & PORTHARCORT.

    Thank God for lives that the strike didn't go beyond that day if so, we would have paid you people compulsory visit.

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