Did you hear about the Arab millionaire who got out of a rape charge by saying he fell on his victim and accidentally penetrated her?

Just when you think you’ve heard everything ridiculous under the sun, you find something that will surprise the socks off you.

Like a Saudi Arabian millionaire who got acquitted of a rape charge, because he told the court of law that he ‘accidentally’ fell on his victim and his erect penis, which was just somehow in that moment hanging out of his underwear, slipped into his victim’s vagina and penetrated her.

This is the exact kind of thing you’d expect to hear in a comedian’s satirical routine? An episode of South Park? Perhaps, another ridiculously misogynist AY joke.

Yet, this happened in modern day United Kingdom. In this millennium.

Millionaire property developer, Ehsan Abdulaziz had picked up the victim and her 24 year old friend at a club, and invited them back to his flat. The 18 year old was crashing on his couch in the living room while the millionaire had consensual sex with her friend in the bedroom. However, Abdulaziz somehow managed to find his way out of the bedroom of his sizeable flat, straight to the couch where the 18 year old was asleep to “fall on her”.

She testified that she woke up to find him on top of her and forcing his penis into her vagina. She pushed him off and left with her friend and went to report the rape, the rape kit that was taken tested positive for forced intercourse and the millionaire’s semen.

Abdulaziz however in his own testimony insisted that the events happened very differently. He says after intercourse with her friend, he went to see if the teenager needed something to change into or a taxi home.

When he got close, she somehow pulled him on top of her and his penis, conveniently erect and hanging out of his underwear, ‘slipped’ into her.

When he was asked how his semen managed to get into her body, he suggested that his hands were coated with semen from having sex with the teenager’s 24 year old friend and must have somehow gotten in when he tried to get off her.

An adult judge listened to this testimony, decided that it sounded legitimate and acquitted Abdulaziz of the rape charge.

This is the world you chose to mind only your own business in. The world rape victims have to live in.

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