What attracted me to my husband – Adaeze Yobo opens up

by Akan Ido

Former beauty queen, Adaeze Yobo can’t stop talking about her relationship with Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo.

In an interview with the Sun Newspapers, the beautiful lady spoke about her love for the Fenerbache FC defender, her love for fashion, what it’s like being a mother and much more.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

When exactly did you leave Nige­ria?

As soon as I met my husband, I left the shores of Nigeria for further studies. I went to New York. I got married in 2009 and in 2010, I had my son.

What do you miss about Nige­ria?

I have been coming for Christmas. I usual­ly spend two weeks intermittently in Nigeria and return , because I’m in school. I’m study­ing New Media in Turkey. I miss Nigeria a lot because of fashion and music back home.

What’s your perception of the fashion show?

I enjoyed every bit of the show. I’m re­ally honored to be the Ambassador of Africa Fashion Week London. I said yes without hesitation.

The show surpassed my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect at the Africa Fashion Week London. I was inspired to see everything here. The designers, models, ex­hibition stands, everything was just perfect. I attended a fashion week in Istanbul but I haven’t attended any African fashion show before this one. I had no clue about what to expect in the show because it’s been a long time I left Nigeria, so I haven’t seen the latest styles in African fashion and how the African fabric has been modernized. As the AFWL 2014 Ambassador, I have to learn more about African fabrics and designer names. I absolutely love what I saw in the show. Henceforth, I will wear more of Af­rican prints.

How did you meet your hus­band?

I met him in Nigeria through a friend at an event. From there, we became close friends. I became pregnant and we got married immediately. Everything happened in a very short time. A lot of people thought it wasn’t going to work but at that moment, I knew I felt something I had never felt with anyone in my life and I said to myself, why not take that chance? I’m quite prayerful, so I knew there’s no way I could err, though I never planned getting married so early. I had so many dreams of what I wanted in life. Mar­riage was the last thing on my mind. It happened so fast and I thought I should give it a shot.

So, what attracted you to him?

When we first met, I didn’t know who he is really. He didn’t know that I was the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. When I knew he was a footballer, I said to myself this relation­ship might not work or lead us anywhere, because of the lifestyle of some footballers who have so many girlfriends.

Do you regret marrying him?

Not at all. No marriage can ever be perfect. Even my relationship with my mum can never be perfect. I have never regretted any moment with my husband and I always say to my sisters and cousins that I don’t know what I could have been without my hus­band. I wondered the kind of man I would have ended up with if I didn’t marry him. I thank God that He planned my life and I’m living the life He planned for me. God has been gracious to me in every way.

You’ve remained so beautiful, what’s the secret?

I’m a product junky. I buy things and when I get bored I just buy another one. I have all sorts of make up. When I learn of a product that clears acne , I buy and if I’m told the next day another product prevents stretch marks, I buy it. I have loads of body treat­ment products and I use and dump them because I can’t use everything.

What kind of things do you wear, your dress sense?

If I go shopping and see shoes that I am not comfortable in, that’s what I’m attracted to. If I see shoes that are so difficult to walk in, that’s what I love to buy. I remember at the question and answer session at MBGN pageant, when I was asked about my style, I replied that style is wearing whatever you are comfortable in but now my response to that question has changed. For me, anything that I’m not comfortable in is what I’m ac­tually attracted to these days. If it’s a dress that is uncomfortable that is what I love to buy. I love things that stand out . I love colours, I love to be seen and known. I have loads of yellow stuffs because it’s attractive.

Could you recall your pleas­ant times as a beauty queen?

I bought the application form just a few days before the closing date and filled it. I prepared and asked for God’s guidance. Everything went well and as you know, I was declared the queen over 30 plus con­testants. It was a fantastic experience. I had a super year. It made me understand that if you believe in your dreams, nothing can stop it from becoming a reality. As a beau­ty queen, I was able to meet many people from all walks of life. I could see that being a beauty queen was an opportunity to be responsible for others. It was at that time, I had to focus on my foundation which was dedicated to sickle cell anemia patients. We did our best to create awareness about the disease , which plagues people of African de­scent. To be candid, I would always be grateful to the Silverbird family for giving me the opportunity of being a beauty queen. As a child, it was my dream to be a beauty queen. Back then, I would catwalk round the room and my mom would say “My Miss World’ and I would reply ‘yes mummy’. It was a real dream come true.

So, af­ter your education what next do you plan to do?

I intend to work by God’s grace. I thought of doing business before I got married but I had to shelve that until I finish my education. After school, I might have another dream. Educa­tion is very important to me, not for the making money aspect of it , but the fact that I’ve learnt to be disci­plined as a student. I remem­ber my very first day in school, I was w a l k i n g with an at­titude , but things have changed. Now, I have to be punctual at school and I’m very organized. I think that would help me in future. I’m in my third year now.

What’s it like being a mother?

It’s been a wonderful experience being mother to this wonderful son of mine. When the little boy came out from my body, I dis­covered that he’s my first real love. I thought I was in love with my husband not until I saw my son. I have never loved somebody that much in my life.


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